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Sun Market & Moon Park
Sun Market & Moon Park

Introduction - Sun Market:

Welcome to the Sun Market and Moon Park!

The Sun Market is the newest long lasting shop located within Tannis! Backed by the famous Sun Temple within Oniga and ran by Braka Cerota this shop aims to bring affordable, varied and up to date equipment for all types of people and adventurers!

Due to the nature of the shop, its wears are less focused on profit and more focused on providing affordable, effective and reliable equipment for adventurers, workers and alike! The Sun Market employs a 'Tier' system to items, informing you of what to expect in terms of pricing!

Do you have equipment you wish to get rid off? Instead of pawning it to some Shady Merchant: Come offer it to the Sun Market! We offer to buy your equipment (If valuable to us) at half the price we list to sell! (Wow what a deal!!!)

[Image: zURrMf2.png][Image: hp7fqF4.png][Image: j7DikKJ.png]

Wait, there's more! - Moon Park:

Did you also want to come relax and enjoy the fresh nature and see what true beauty life has to offer?

Then welcome to the Moon Park! The Moon Park is the groundwork where the Sun Market rests itself on. A large, untouched nature reserve within Tannis that spreads far into the wilderness! Come experience a monitored Park in which you can socialize with friends, family and lovers alive!! The entire Moon Park is available to explore (Even the places that host Markets!). We offer constant seating and tables to let you and your friends chat and enjoy yourselves as you shop! If you look hard enough you might even spot some of the friendly animals that live within the Park!

And if you're ever hungry then feel free to visit our Gelato Front!! Hosted and run by the famous Ex-Martial of the Dormeho Militia: Shirou Ryuu! Made with the Ryuu Family Recipe these Gelatos are always freshly made and contain as little allergenic and problematic ingredients as possible for maximum customer enjoyment!

[Image: zvt0mJC.png][Image: WLj7S0s.png]

The Sun Market & Moon Park initial entrance is directly west of the Mage Guild, following through a peak in the mountains that leads into an untouched and preserved piece of land! Watch your step as wild animals tend to come and go!
[Image: Rx0aeeW.png]
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=18750966]
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