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Lore Questions: October (2021)
Guidelines for Lore Questions
1) You are limited to one question per topic. You may ask follow-up questions related to your initial question provided they are mainly 'yes' or 'no' questions.  For instances where you are clarifying lore details, or for minor questions, it is recommended to ask in the #lore-questions Discord channel instead of in this thread.
2) Questions should avoid being overly specific when the topic is unknowns. (IE: Was anyone on Sigrogana ever killed with a spoon? Has there ever been a scandal involving a noble family on Kysei?) For this reason, it's best to ask questions pertaining to subjects that already have some establishment in the lore.
3) Avoid asking questions on the basis that you are trying to invalidate someone's RP or otherwise harrass them, etc. If you have concerns that someone may not be RPing properly, or has an outlandish concept, please take them to a GM in private.
4) Refrain from asking questions that have always been answered. Use the forum search function, view the lore compendium, or the wiki pages for the specific races (both on wikia and this site's wiki) to double check.
5) If you notice any contradictions in answers, you are welcome to point them out. Note that established lore may be rewritten as time passes based on necessity or desire.

Expectation For Answers
Questions may be answered at any time, but the general expectation is that all questions will be answered during the first week of the following month. Answers will be added to the lore compendium, which will be updated after the topic is closed.
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One big dodo raid questionline:

What exactly happens when a Doriad is born? Like, we know -how- they're born, but do they just... form all right there, 0 to 100?
- Do they 'live' before then as a forest creature, or the tree they come from?
- Do they learn the basics of the world from the Akashic Record, or similar?
- Is the process different for every Doriad?
- Does a doriad -choose- to be born, or are they just thrust into existance?
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So, this is going awhile back in lore that was asked but going through the lore text I came onto something that left me curious.

- (Why can't Corrupted become Vampires?) Corruption trumps everything, more or less. Nothing special would happen if they completed the ritual.

In particular, I'm wondering if you could expand on 'Corruption trumps everything' at all?

For example, you say here that they couldn't become a vampire, so does this mean that it can't be overwritten by a God's blessing? Or could a Glykin, in theory, go and become a Corrupted since it'd 'trump' the blessing of Glycon?
What are Amalgama and Salamandra shells made of? Do they use magic mud like Chimera in their creation?

If Chimera can safely eat undead, are they immune to food poisoning? To what extent can they eat typically inedible materials?
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Can vampires move their sanctuary by moving the dirt they were “born” on, like how ol’ Dracula moved Romanian dirt?
[Image: 8Fot9TX.png]
Can homunculi get sick? What about mechanations and doriads?

If they can, what kind of sicknesses can they get? Are certain races immune to cancers, but not immune to viral/bacterial infections?
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