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The following files are classified at a DOMINION/EYES ONLY level. Disclosing of these files to anyone not authorized to view them will be punished in accordance to company guidelines and regulations. (OOC Note: Credit to Dragonruby for helping with the text.)

DETAILS: The Lost are individuals that have gone through an intense transformation process, likely magical in nature, leading to drastic change in physical appearance and capability. It is understood that after their transformation their skin becomes gray, and all of their other features including clothing and any other accessories or articles on them can become monochrome, seeming to be subsumed as part of their transformation. The Lost also suffer from a loss of all emotional capability, no longer seeming to be able to emote or feel anything beyond their singular driving purpose though they seem to still retain some limited capacity for thought, planning, and coordination.

The Lost seem to gain new abilities that they did not have prior to their conversion, such as the ability to drain emotions from others and eventually transforming them into more Lost through a, as of yet, unknown magic process, and quite often gain increased physical and magical capabilities. It is known that they are capable of speaking, often in whispers, and that they target living creatures, capturing and draining them spiritually in a manner that turns them into more Lost so that they can fill their 'hunger' for 'emotions', but this does not seem to ever actually fulfill its intended purpose leaving them constantly in search of more prey.

During our experiments, we failed to notice any traces of them leaving behind a soul or spirit on death. It is unknown if they go to Lazarus like any other, or if their soul simply vanishes from existence once they pass away. No known race seem to be exempt from becoming one of the Lost, and even Dullahans and Mechanations can be transformed despite being magically or supernaturally created.
Despite losing all of their emotions, the Lost seem to keep their memories, which for some reason or another can take on physical forms that can interact with other things in our world. In the more extreme cases, these memories alongside the stolen emotions seem to lead to the creation of white gates that lead to what are believed to be pocket dimensions, similar in nature to Black Doors. What exactly leads to this situation is still unknown, and these 'fragments' of both memory and emotions can often influence their surrounding area, though are primarily found within these 'pocket dimensions', dubbed as Purgatories.
The Lost are nearly in all cases hostile to any living thing not Lost like they are. They are remorseless, incapable of feeling guilt or emotion, at least in any sense that we can recognize. It is the unanimous conclusion of all those involved in writing these documents that the immediate expulsion of the Lost is in the best interest of not simply the company, but all of Sigrogana.

DETAILS: A Purgatory is an alternate dimension, presumably created by the memories and stolen emotions of the Lost. It is often hidden behind large white doors that lead to dream-like or nightmarish landscape heavily influenced by the memories and emotions they seem to store. Purgatories often have Lost and other, as of yet, unclassified monsters that are presumed to be Lost within them.

Otherwise known as "White Doors" by most people in the world, these gates appear to influence their surrounding area, shifting the locale into a monochrome color. The reach of this effect appears to be relative to the strength of the Purgatory itself, meaning that a weaker or incomplete Purgatory will cover only a small radius or not at all, whereas a very powerful one could spread their influence even wider with no estimated limit on upper ranges.

We believe this monochrome effect also influences the life within that location, going as far as to transform animals into bizarre monsters, similar to the Lost if not the same. As of yet, there have been no indications of Purgatories effecting major population centers of note.

Purgatories are also often filled with objects and items of value, believed to perhaps be the belongings of those who have been turned. Why these objects are often gathered together in one place is still up for debate. It is the conclusion of this research paper that further efforts should be made into discovering more about these Purgatories as we do not yet have enough information to classify them as anything other than a threat to both the company and the world on a wider scale.
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