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The Ivory Pilgrims (12/22/2021)
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 Far out, into the Lordwain wilderness. Surrounded by a massive man-made moat, this colossal monastery almost doubles down as the fortress. The Ivory Monastery was originally a humble smaller monastery of early days. When it was much smaller building. Over time, it was eventually rebuilt. To be much larger, and colossal in size to contain a larger population of the Ivory Pilgrims. The original intention of the Order was to provide a sanctuary among Priests, and Priestesses who roam Sigrogana.

 But now the Order evolved. To provide more than just sanctuary. A training ground, the sanctuary, A haven of spiritual matters, the archive of knowledges, and study of the theologies to delve into deeper understanding of the Tenet, All to carry out their vigorous duties to bring peace to Sigrogana no matter the cost.
Now in this day, and present. These very concepts continue within the Monastery. And tis is their story. 
United under the Ivory Banner, These men and women alike seek out to do the Honored Mission to help improve the World. Many difficulties, and challenges may get in the way of the Ivory Pilgrims. But those that learns, or worked with the Order.. Sometimes ends up doing grand things.
For their mission was simple;
To make the world a better place than it was. 
Thou shall not Abuse
You shall not abuse Mercana without valid reasons. You should reserve it for when certain moments call into it, or requires it.
Your body is not an endless fountain of focus. An excessive use of Mercana can drive you an early death from exhaustion.
You cannot carry out the rest of your duty., if you are abusing Mercana and exhausting yourself.
Thou shall Intervene
The logical answer  when faced with a simple fact; If you cannot abuse Mercana. The most logical thing to do to prevent
abuse; Is to prevent the issues from every happening. Meditate the conflicts between The People to create peace.
Hunt down the wicked evil, ranging from goblins, to snakemen who threaten the lives of the people.
Reduce the unhealthy environment, and watch over the sick and the old.
In this case; The answer is simple.
Pick up the Sword.
Thou shall Protect
The future of children lies in the hand of the Guardians that protect it. The future of all common folks are to be protected, secured, and appreciated for
what they are to be. No one shall be abandoned, and left behind. To protect them, mean to walk the Path of struggle.
To educate the young, to watch the old, to ensure the protection of both and all.
The answer is to hold the blade to your side, and keep an eye out for those that threaten to harm their
Thou shall hone yourself
To carry out their Duty, the correct answer is to train in the art of combat. To prepare to wander
the far open Sigrogana. The logical answer is to train one's body, to train one's mind in the Art.
Therefore, the Monastery itself offers a sincere training ground,
so that one can learn to protect the People we all love, and appreciate.
Thou shall show no weaknesses
Carrying out the Duty is difficult path. There will be moment when we are at our worst,
to face the inevitable despair that bleed over our mind, and heart.
Not giving into despair is the hardest part of the Duty,
But losing the people we are meant to protect,
will grant a greater despair than ever before.
The answer is to stay strong, and stop it before
All is lost.
Thou shall never feel Alone.
For the Goddess is watching us all.
Joining The Pilgrims
With the death of the First Preacher, Wilson Alsworth, the Pilgrims have underwent a dramatic shift of change, and outlook. 
To join the Pilgrim is complicated one; as it wasn't just open and ask. To join.
The evidence of Worship to White Lady
(You can worship another god, but you must prove that you worship Mercala in addition)
The Determination to live, and protect.
(We're not your suicide option. Nor self-sacrifice is really appreciated.)
To reserve no hatred for the People.
(Otherwise you wouldn't put your heart into it.) 
That you are old enough to properly hold the sword.
(Children should enjoy their innocence first.)
(You can find Skullcat in Sigrogana Legends 2 Discord to ask for questions related to Ivory Pilgrims)
Having root as early as late 2017. The Ivory Pilgrims was originally a single individual, intended for a Wikipedia guide to guilds here. 
Over time, it evolved into becoming an actual guild. With small numbers of Priest-focused characters, as the alternative at the time was the Mercalan Hearts, 
which was female-exclusive.
Now it follows it's own purposes, beliefs, and radically different ideas as to how the Tenets should be upheld.
In most case, the Ivory Pilgrims have returned again after all these years.
And hopefully stay that way for a bit longer.
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