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Church Knight Registration
Hello all.

As of today I am opening up the application process for the Church Knights. Below I will give a rough overview of what the Church Knights are and what is expected of those who apply to the faction.

All applications are to be DM'd to Karidan#4463 on Discord and will be discussed with each person as the applications come.

A foreword that I would like to get out of the way before any further reading is done on the application process.

If you are joining this faction, then you will be expected to maintain a cordial and amicable attitude with your fellow players during your tenure with the group. Disagreements happen but such things should be handled with tact.

The Church Knights

Who are they?

Originally founded to route Suns Ichor, The Church Knights serve Mercala as the first line of defense against those who abuse her gifts and the dark forces that threaten the day to day life of the common folk. They are frontline combatants against necromancers and other outbreaks of undead across the Great Six.

The primary duties of a Church Knight revolve around quelling these evils and ensuring that the Mercalan Tenets are upheld across the Six. They work with the governing bodies of each of the Continents to ensure that this end is accomplished.

Application Process and Roles Available

The application process for this includes the following roles:

- Church Knights (Combatants and non-combatants such as record keepers and those who specialize in breaking curses and hexes)

- Members of the Clergy (Those who serve on the ground level of the Church)

One of the primary methods that the Church Knights get their information comes from the various members of the Clergy all across the Great Six. Members of the Mercalan Church are encouraged to report suspicious activity and signs of Huggesoa's dark ambitions to ensure that the Knights know when and where to act.

This enables them to maintain stable diplomacy across the Six and ensure that their limited numbers are used efficiently.

Furthermore, the Church Knights, while all of them have combat training, are also often people who are well versed in keeping records and dealing in occult matters.

As such, there is ample room for specialization, and it is encouraged for people to develop their characters into whatever role they desire.

To apply to the Church Knights, I will require: 

- The name of your character,
- their race; and
- a brief description of their background and their motivations for joining

Please note: Any double agent characters -must be disclosed to me at the time of application, if the character becomes turncoat or decides to become a double agent during their tenure as a Church Knight, I must be notified at the time of this occurring.-

The reason for this is multifaceted, as me knowing this enables me to both give you more RP opportunities to do the thing you are trying to do, as well as helping me keep sequences of events straight on an OOC level.

The application process is the same for Members of the Clergy but it will be more so I am notified you -are- a member of the Clergy rather than an actual application.

Generally the application process will begin with an OOC interview, then there will be an IC interview with the Commander afterwards.

Once both of these things are done, you will be entered into the trainee program.

The Experience

What sort of RP opportunities can I expect as a Church Knight?

Church Knights will be responsible for responding to and investigating reports from the common folk and Clergy on matters that will be listed in the Church Knight documentation.

A lot of this will have to do with matters of necromancy and Mercana abuse.  Patrolling and investigating areas that have reported frequent Mercana abuse shall be part of those duties.

Additionally, there will be an ongoing plot with the Church Knights that I will be hosting as an event chain.

I will be supplementing your normal duties with tailored events that will let you still get the Church Knight experience even if there aren't any crimes being perpetrated by other players that need handling. These events will be separate from the primary ongoing plot and will not require any information other than what is required to be a Church Knight.

My general gameplan will be to put up listings for jobs and duties that need doing and people can volunteer themselves to go and do them, but this is subject to change as I tailor the Church Knights to be a good experience for members and others playing the game.

Why now?

It has long been an unreachable position to be a Church Knight, and as such the transition to this being a player ran faction can be jarring to the IC of the world.

The current IC of the situation is that the Church Knights have been suffering heavy losses in recent years due to a foe that has not been made public to the people of the world.

This has been kept under wraps as well as possible until the number of losses have been too high to keep a secret anymore.
As a response, Marec has decided to once again open the doors to new members to replenish those he has lost.

The OOC 

Being a Church Knight puts you in a position of power across Sigrogana, as such it is a position that must be maintained tactfully.

There are strict guidelines that will need to be followed in terms of what can and cannot be punished. Church Knights will not be granted anymore power than any other player character, and they will resolve all conflicts the same as any other Military would.

The major dividing differences lie in their specialized training and the fact that they work across the world, and as such will be required to work closely with the Military for each nation when conducting operations within their land.

All members of the Church Knights will be expected to conduct themselves in a cordial manner when interacting with other players, and all situations that come up IC must be handled with a cool head regardless of what tensions may rise in the OOC of it.

It essentially comes back to the rule of no IC into OOC and vice versa.

I will allow a maximum of -two characters- per player in the Church Knights. They are not a massive, expansive force and I would much prefer that people dedicate to one character if they are going to commit to the faction. The main reason I am allowing two is because playing a combatant and a non-combatant are vastly different experiences and I would not want to lock people into not being able to experience both sides of the faction.

I hope to see you all on the frontlines!

Praise be to Our White Ladies' Radiance.

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