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[Event] Emperor's Flame Tournament
All over the Great Six cities, posters were put up showing a sword with dancing flames. Underneath the sumptuous design, it reads:

"Carnelian, Daughter of Fire and leader of the Crimson Flame Legion, invites you to her castle, The Ivory Monastery, to participate in the great tournament of the Emperor's Flame.

In addition to glory and honour, the three strongest teams will be awarded a monetary reward of 5000 murai each, a set of enchanted swords as trophy and an opportunity to be recruited into the Crimson Flame Legion.

The rules of the tournament are simple:

- Participation should be done in pairs . Team must be named. (You can enrol solo but if there is no-one to pair you with you will be disqualified)
- The laws of the empire, Lispool and the tenets of Mercala (in regard to Mercala usage) must be respected during the matches.
- No 'serious' intent behind a person's attacks. Leaving lasting injuries on an opponent will result in disqualification, and the perpetrator to be handed over to the local law system.
- You may only stick to your current equipment, and stay true to it until the end of the tournament.
- Consumables will not be allowed during the matches.

Failure to follow these rules will result in an immediate disqualification.

If you have any questions about the tournament, contact Carnelian or Archbishop Osborn. We hope to see many of you participating and watching. "


This is an IC event organized by Carnelian with the help of other characters and OOC by Lalchi and me.

As mentioned this is a 2v2 tournament, team participation is mandatory. And it will be single elimination matches.

It will take place Sunday, January 23 at 2pm EST on the Ivory Monastery battleground.

The schedule is as follows:

- 12am EST : End of enrollment. Drawing and scheduling matches.

- 1pm EST : Preacher Osborn will perform a sermon in the main area of the monaster

- 2pm EST : Start of the tournament. If your team is not present nor full, you will be disqualified upon your turn to fight.

We are aware that the last tournament was EXTREMELY long. So this one is intended to be much faster. We would like to aim for a 4 (or 5, max) hour event.

OOC Guidelines:

- Rp is allowed after your turn.
- No healing magic allowed. No void magic allowed. No spellthieving.
- No item belt consumables/weapons allowed , except Bombs.
- Healing and restrain staves are not allowed.
- No changing equipment, classes or skills in the middle of the tournament.
- Combat Timer will be set to 3 minutes, 5 if both participants agree.
- Combat type will NOT be Stylish.
- Combat seriousness should be set to Spar. (If you intend on going Serious, keep us aware through LOOC, and remember it will net to your disqualification.)

If you have any questions please contact me or Lalchi in dms on discord. Same nickname as on the forum.

If you want to register, please contact me by dm too or seek Carnelian IC.

I would like to thank Lalchi, Skullcat, Julles, Sadbot and Whitender for their invaluable help in making this project possible. They are incredible people.
And a lot of thank to Kunai for the help with this hellish post.
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The team has received feedback on rule points concerning the tournament. In fact and after discussion the team decided to change two rules:

- Rp is now allowed after and only after your turn
- The timer of the fights will be 3 minutes by default, 5 if both participants agree.

Also, it seems I wasn't clear on another point. The purpose of the tournament is not simply to come and do pvp, otherwise it would have been OOC with no need for IC organisation. It is primarily an IC event to offer the opportunity for characters to come and enjoy some time with friends in a beautiful place that took a lot of effort for someone to build. After all the main point of SL2 stay finding excuses to rp and enjoy people's company. The rules regarding pvp were mainly there because of the fear of making the tournament last too long and because the focus was not on pvp. I fear that if you came hoping to find a highly meta competition that would be challenging you would feel disappointed as I am not able to host such thing due to be relatively new to the game. And I deeply apologise for my previous lack of clarity.

Last point, commentators will be present and have always been planned. They are Lalchi and Egg. Many thanks to their participation.

Thank you for your time, have a good day.
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