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The Pink Lotus

[Image: 58f23613081d28c09dd15edd335addbe.gif]

Formally known as the Candle Cafe when it was first opened here in the empire and officially owned by a certain Imperial Leporidae Major. The Pink Lotus finds home in the eastern district of the Imperial Capital with a goal to provide its citizens with a quality experience for those who wish to experience such. From a range of different coffee and various choices of food, this is what one could say is the best place to get a morning breakfast. After a good few years of being closed for renovations, the Pink Lotus is now officially accepting applications to join our staff team to help provide the service will desire. Over the recent years, it has been solely run by Lilly Akiyoshi however after the expectancy of her Son and Daughter, she is now dedicated to running such a business, this is to avoid any unnecessary stress for her sake and her family's sake!

[Image: unknown.png]

The Ideal Candidates are those who (these are not requirements):
- Are looking to voluntarily provide an atmosphere that all customers are comfortable in!
- Friendly!
- Willing to work on their own accord!
- A positive attitude

Anyone who wishes to join the staff team for the Pink Lotus can either DM (Aqua#9312) or post their application here with the following layout:

Character Name:
Character Age:
Why said character wants to work for the Pink Lotus:
Discord: (This is mostly to schedule an interview or the likes)

•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦ [Image: 948353684344041545.webp?size=44&quality=lossless] •◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦
The OOC bits

I started this project in late 2021 in response to the rapid increase of public bars but due to IC reasons and OOC reasons regarding my own health I had to step away from this project more than I had to. As it currently stands I still am not able to 100% run this place as I want but it was too much to throw in the trashcan and decided to keep the place around and run it while I still could with the help of an IC standpoint. Over the last few months, I've spent time trying to make this place a lot better than it was, and trying to run the place myself was clear for me to see not to be working hence the recruitment. Of course, I am not fully done and have further plans to make this place into something but my main priority was getting the Pink Lotus to a point that was acceptable for opening. I also fixed my roof, I'll be taxing your ass for that!

I will openly admit I'm still working on things like Menus as this is taking me much longer due to OOC work-related reasons so if anyone wants to aid in that department the help is very much appreciated.

•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦ [Image: 948353684344041545.webp?size=44&quality=lossless] •◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦
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Due to recent events, the following establishment is now closed.
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