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[Quests] Gereon's Oddjobs
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Gereon's Oddjobs

Scattered about Imperial cites are adverts hung up on public boards.

"Are you a rookie or otherwise novice adventurer looking to get their feet wet in the field? Struggling to make ends meet without having to face down wyverns, monochrome horrors, or your grumpy old grandmother? Well look no further kid, Uncle Gereon's got you covered!"
"Here's how it works, you come along with me on any jobs I get called on as hired help, and you get paid directly by me on-site at the end of it. No contracts, no bullshit. The only loyalty I expect from you is for the coin."

OOC Info:
On a semi-regular basis, I'll be offering sign-ups for "Gereon Quests" in which people can sign up to take on various jobs. These events will be geared especially for new players, and characters who have yet to establish/prove themselves ic'ly. This means you DO NOT HAVE TO BE MAX LEVEL TO JOIN, in fact, I encourage those who aren't to sign up. Any mobs will be set to scale based on the party, and be fairly comparable to vanilla mobs in difficulty. 
That being said, each event signup will be limited to around the 8-12 player range. For this reason, I'm gonna establish a few things now so I don't look unjust in any decisions I make regarding signups. 
Firstly, new players and characters will have priority on the slots. While I understand many of you will probably want to try to come with established characters and battle-hardened veterans, these events are meant for novice adventurers. For the sake of enjoyment of all participants, I ask that you refrain from doing so as seeing the local Hexer Lich nuke the map in one turn is kind of off-putting ooc'ly for the intended audience. This stuff is probably gonna be way too easy for all the minmaxed folk anyway.
And secondly, even if you miss an event, or don't get a spot, don't worry too much. I plan to keep this project on-going as long as there's interest for smaller scale adventures, and I'll make sure everyone who holds an interest in joining gets a chance to.
All of these quests will be announced on Discord ahead of time, so keep an eye out for when they do open. 
Any and all questions can be directed to me as well there: In-Sain Arcane Birdbrain#3867
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