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Duelist Movement Buff
I find that Duelist often runs into dead class setups where it can't supplement its own movement stat pretty well, with the game being geared towards teamfights that promote a very strong neutral game, duelist often runs into problems where it cannot actually close the gap effectively to play its all-in playstyle very well.

I think that duelist could use a pretty serious movement buff just on its own, all three of the duelist subclasses can use a mobility buff somehow as they all play relatively the same way, and with armor caps being a thing I don't think this can get out of hand terribly quickly.

Therefore I'd like to suggest two ways of achieving this:

1) Introducing a new passive in duelist that helps them move around the battlefield easier, given that regular movement is the weakest movement option, further mitigated by tile effects such as cinders, this would be my first suggestion, something like +1 MOV per class point invested, up to 5 ranks.


2) Disengage when used also provides a pretty massive movement bonus for 2 rounds, something like +2 MOV per rank of Disengage.

Thanks for reading as usual.
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I honestly think the bigger issue is that hanging is such a gold standard any melee build without bk in its setup has to rely on ranged skills or suboptimal engage options. Not to mention it counters parry in the melee matchup which is kinda needed, and it gets bonus hit.

Ghost has haunting, but firebird and kensei just don't have good long range mobility. I think firebird doesn't necessarily need the buff but kensei could really use a good longrange option. Maybe something where you say omae wa mou shinderu and teleport behinds u. And it has a cd or something.

Straight constant bonus move is kinda really strong though. Movement is mostly not used because blink and hanging exist, but people still use charge and stuff.

For a duelist move option I would say something like charge except 0m and a cd
duelist gaining a base movement buff in the form of new mechanic innate and such can and likely will still benefit from teleport boots and simply make any counterplay to movement moot. Just felt the need to point this out for the OP perspective.
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(05-03-2022, 01:18 AM)HaTeD Wrote: duelist gaining a base movement buff in the form of new mechanic innate and such can and likely will still benefit from teleport boots and simply make any counterplay to movement moot. Just felt the need to point this out for the OP perspective.

In the form of a shoe slot that typically takes up some away options for important aspects of a character's kit such as:

-Common magic resistance (Fire/Dark/Ice/Earth)

-Controlling kiting potential of an opponent (KB Immunity)

-Crit Evade or Armor

-Physical% Resistance

-Ramping Free movement option

-Large Movement Boosts such as Accelia
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I like the Disengage idea, could just say Disengage being a 3 skill slot requirement could have a: 1/1/2 movement scaling added. This would measure it up with things like Haunting, making it 7 movement total. Can just say the Disengage movement lasts 2 turns as well, meaning that theres 1 round between your Disengage where you wont have the movement.
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I like the Disengage idea too. Maybe it could be a setup for a free movement?

You use Disengage and gain two status effects:

- Disengage for 3 rounds. (Grants a bonus to Evade upon being attacked, and expires).
- Après le Saut for 2 rounds. (Grants Avant le Saut once this expires. Duration is reduced by 1 round when you take damage or score a Critical Hit.)

Once "Après le Saut" expires, you gain:
- Avant le Saut for 4 rounds. (Your next Move action costs 0M, and has its range increased by 2, expires once you Move.)
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Oh god please don't call it avant le pas.

Also I think this wouldn't be op but I'm not sure I like the idea of tying a movement buff to disengage, a means of retreat. Especially if the point is to improve uh... Duelists being able to engage

And the idea is that the Duelist would be able to use this offensively after the defensive part of Disengage, at least that's how I envision of course. If a move buff is given immediately after Disengage it will benefit people trying to gun it rather than jumping into an enemy.

If anything? I'd rather Disengage grant full stacks of Flottement, as an alternative.
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I sorta agree, Have been playing Duellist/MA for very long an usually used the Shukichi/Geldoren for gap closing (which already was the more expensive hanging), but after the nerf to Shukichi, even with spirit, you are always out of reach.

SO what I would like to point out is...That a movement buff is NOT really helping. Whenever you have to use "Move" action, you are already in a disadvantage and do not play into your fast paced "I shower you with attacks aslong as I crit" gameplay.
Its nice to have I guess, but what they really need is a hanging like skill that Moves+Basic attacks I feel. (And my personal hottake, Hanging ha no right having this crazy range of 6 tiles with Spirit, when the mobile classes only get to half of that)
Hanging is overpowered as hell and should be nerfed.

Technically you have sidecut and sillcut, letting you finish closing the gap after a movement then using fleur to hit them again. A 1m option isnt really good because fleur exists. a 7 range tp like haunting is pretty good though. But firebird and kensei have only 5-6 range with their abilities at best, and no movement buff

A movement buff would be useful for sure, as long as it doesn't cost 1m and gives enough. Maybe a passive where you get bonus move at roundstart if you didnt damage anyone last round. Synergizing with disengage without being locked to it

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