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Sun Market
Welcome one and all too...

Sun Market: Revamped!

It has almost been a full year since the Sun Market and Moon Park was created, and I truly thank all of you for supporting the business of CAPITALISM on SL2. It is then with a very excited I am here to announce our official rework of Sun Market and Moon Park to now: Sun Market.
Content will come with events known as Expansion! And coming with our rework of the Sun Market our first official expansion is Heavens Contention. The Heavens Contention Expansion comes with a whole new attitude, a whole new community and a whole lot of CONTENT. All of it will be explained here, now lets get right to it!

Heavens Contention Expansion

Talk around the Sun Market has finally reached public ears, a rebranding of their brand and design philosophy! Work on a place known as Camp Moon has been complete and its open free for all adventurers! Camp Moon will be the go to place for all Adventurers and Sun Market hosted events! With their new business model YOU can work as an Adventurer for Sun Market! Participate in grand quests, hunt treasure within the depths of sunken temples and fight strong enemies! An RP Hub for all to explore and enjoy themselves at!

[Image: 8chsTl4.png]

What is there new?:
  • Sun Market Official Adventuring System: Filled with quests and regions to explore! Come earn you keep  and work you way up the chain to become an Ace of your field! Work along side your allies and make new friends as you slay foes and drink together in kinship! Major information below!
  • Suppliers: Those who are keen to dive deep down into depths and collect loot to sell at the Sun Market at a high rate will be rewarded greatly for their efforts! Even if you choose to not be an adventurer, all can make a living off dungeon diving! More information will be explained!
  • Quest Providers: A unique section of people who have their own types of Quests to fill out! They say those who provide for others will be providing for themselves, and thus people are rewarded for their efforts to give others! More information explained deeper!
  • Unique Role System: Mark your character as two of these mighty roles and assist your allies in the depth of our PvE! Guardians, Lifekeepers or Breakers! Find more about what these roles do deeper below!
  • Workers: Wish to work for the Sun Market? Well now you can! Working together with the owner Braka Cerota, you can choose which open roles are available and work together with me to create an engaging and interesting RP experience for yourself and everyone around you with an enjoyable amount of RP Events! (Do DM me for further details! Workers can be participate in Adventurer content as well!)
...And many more! This is only a sample of what is currently within the confines of the new Sun Market.

Where is this all located at?!:
As per usual the Sun Market takes place right beside the Tannis Mage Guild! And the new Camp Moon will have an entrance directly next to the entrance of the Sun Market itself as shown here!
[Image: J4VLmju.png]
[Image: NLReZZ1.png]

How do I join?!:
Along side all this new and enjoyable information, we will now have an Official Discord Server, where everything relating to Sun Market will now be contained! As well as updates relating to balance changes, new features and plenty of content! Its highly required if you involve yourself within the Sun Market to now join the server! As we have roles and guidelines for everyone to make sure everything is a smooth and enjoyable experience!
...More information on all of this is available within the Discord, as well as being the easiest way to get into contact with me. I hope everyone can be as excited as I am to take this further and hopefully create something big for everyone to enjoy.

Welcome, one and all...To Sun Market:
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=18750966]
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