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Maker's Crown
[Image: YOiqGuy.png]

Maker's Crown Crafting
Your hub for innovation!

Located just off of Cellsvich's main walls, there's an area surrounded by some trees that has spawned a number of buildings. Hustle, bustle, and noise, this is Maker's Crown; a crafting hub open to the public to use at their leisure. 

Everyone, from professionals to novices and all those in between are welcome to practice their craft. It is free to use for all in the area. You may also peruse the wares from other talented crafters under the employ of the Crown - high quality wares that can't be found elsewhere. 

Flyers around each of the towns and cities in Sigrogana advertise this as the place to go to craft and have things crafted! So come down and see what you can create~

Additionally - flyers have been posted seeking talented individuals looking for a chance to advertise their services in Maker's Crown. All professions are welcome to apply!

((OOC notes: Hello yes it's KitKat here. Guess who finally knows what they wanna do with this friggin shop. If you're seeking employment, a level 6 crafter is required please, as well as a character that... warrants a level 6 crafter. Please. I would prefer people that are available at least an hour out of the week to put up an LFG. Very, very high requirements I know. Message me at KitKatarine#9578 if you're interested, and we can set up an IC interview. Maker's Crown is located to the northeast from the Cells Asago.

For directions, please look here:
[Image: unknown.png]
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