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Survey of the Mercalan Church

Sender: birbmask@l-net.grm

---- BODY ----

- As a concerned citizen and known physician, who follows the Faith of Mercala, though independently, I would greatly appreciate it if those of you who have an opinion of the church, respond to this email with your replies in regards to the survey questions listed below as it would be a great help to me to gather information of anyone and everyone's personal opinions of the church and the faith itself.  Only your opinions and question answers will be logged down in my books, and you will remain entirely anonymous. 

- Sincerely 
        A Curious Bird

Listed below is a various array of questions, some multiple-choice, and some requiring numerical answers. This survey is represented as a Google Form canonically anyone replying would be sending back a message with their results. 

---- (OOC) ----

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