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Raelyn's Reverie
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"Have you heard about it?"
"A land free of monsters, filled with blooming flowers said to not be found anywhere else."
"The people there are in a state of constant harmony, with angels singing to their heart's content."
"There's no sadness. There's no suffering. There's no evil."
"If you ever found it... would you take me there?"

The white-haired girl felt exhausted. She had been travelling Korvara for a while and facing different circumstances one after another, some worse than others, while making several new friendships along the way and forming strong bonds. It all happened simply because she woke up surrounded by trees, without any memory of what happened to her before she ended up there. There were only two things that she could remember when she awakened.
Her name, and her purpose: to find a place no one has ever seen.
Nearly every time she would meet someone and be given the opportunity, she would describe the land she'd be looking for: a peaceful world with harmony, unique flowers and singing angels. Many of the mixed answers she'd receive would often run back to the same thing.
"A place like that exists? I haven't seen it, sorry."
"That sounds like it's out of a fairy tale... does that even exist? I've not heard of it."
"That sounds too good to be true. It'd be pretty nice if there was a place like that, though."

The search proved fruitless once again.
In spite of the idea that such place would never exist, her heart and soul retained the desire to find it. 
She remembered nothing more than glimpses of things she might've done in the past, but she knew for certain that finding this paradise was the very thing she lived for.
So she would rest within the Duyuei inn, in order to try again the next day.
Again, and again...
As the girl drifted off to sleep, she witnessed nothing but black for a moment, before the ground surrounding her would be filled with brilliant white flowers. They were nothing she had ever seen before, immediately entrancing her with their nigh-magical beauty. She slowly sat up... then stood up to take gentle steps across the landscape.
The girl tenderly picked up a flower from the ground in order to get a closer gaze at its radiance. She questioned not the abstract nature of the environment, instead wondering how such a flower could exist.
"I wish..."
Raelyn held the flower with both of her hands and closed her eyes.
"I wish for a sign. From a treasure... from a person, from a star. From anything."
As she opened her eyes, she witnessed another person standing on the other side of the abyssal flower field. An individual that looked just like herself, but with a serene smile and blue eyes. The other girl caught her attention and caused her confusion, but not alarm.
"It's been a long time." The newfound twin would greet Raelyn with a soft-spoken voice.
Raelyn didn't know who this person was, only that she looked just like her, and yet somehow felt very familiar.
"Your face... it really reminds me of myself. Down to the expression, even. You really are just like me."
"You're looking for it, aren't you? Paradise."

Raelyn said nothing to the other girl, remaining completely silent as she was spoken too. The twin reached for a flower just like she had, and stood in front of her while maintaining that soothing smile of hers.
"You truly are just like me..."
As soon as that was said, ghost-like figures began rising from the black ground around them. Raelyn started looking around frantically, unable to understand what was going on. The souls abruptly forced themselves into her body, the scenery beginning to rapidly shift with imageries of several different memories. All of them vague, yet their emotions could be surely felt, quickly overwhelming her heart.
"We have always been with you... and will always be."
The girl would slowly reach for Raelyn's hand, and make direct eye contact with her.
"Because, you are..."
Suddenly, the Amalgama would wake up from her sleep and sit on the bed. Her breathing was heavy, and her heart rate accelerated. Upon acknowledging that it was all a dream, she'd let out a sigh and get off the bed.
She chose to take a quick glance at the mirror in the room, and a moment later, she realized that something was different.
Her eyes had a stronger blue to them compared to before.
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