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[Korvara] Beggar's Hole
[Image: fkujordan.png]

[Image: unknown.png?size=4096]

In between both Telegrand and Meiaquar a notorious group of bandits has finally settled on a location they will be staying. Amongst the ruined homes, overran by grass and the makeshift log fence that could have seen better days, these Bandits have decided to call this place home. The Consenting Bandits, (AKA the Bandit Cosplayers, AKA the Harmless Buffoons) have been making their way all over the continent of Korvara, asking people if they want to be robbed, with their consent of course. After making their name (or attempting to that is) in all of the major cities, they realized that none of these places were places they'd call home, and as such, they'd seek to make their own home, outside the laws and restrictions of these major cities. Thusly, Beggar's Hole was created when the group of bandits decided in union that this abandoned, crappy place "just works" for exactly what they were planning.

No notable improvements have yet to have been made, but they do have a single sign made out of chopped wood at the entrance of Beggar's Hole and it reads as such:

Quote:If you cross this sign, you are hereby consenting to be robbed*.
* this means that by crossing you have indeed given consent. all consent given after you cross this sign is thereby not able to be revoked.

the Union of Bastards
The 'rulers' of Beggar's Hole.
Quote:Greedy Bastard: Alexei Sidorov (Pompous Pillager)
In charge of all of the treasure and loot gained from (consensual) robberies.
And the town's funds...
Quote:Cowardly Bastard: Notorious Nobody
In charge of intelligence, spying, and anything to do with that.
Is the first to run...
Quote:Honorable Bastard: Nefarious Narcissist
In charge of all 'justice' done within the land of Beggar's Hole, despite being lawless, have some respect for your fellow bandits.
Assuredly 100% impartial...
Quote:Angry Bastard: Eli Nh'ame (Belligerent Battler)
In charge of upholding the few 'laws' within the lawless land of Beggar's Hole. Responsible for organizing anything to do with force.
Also the ""head"" of the Bastards, surely not as angry as he seems...

(OOC NOTES: As time passes we'll come up with more 'culture' probably, and we'll also post something later if people decide they want to make and join this faction, for now just be sure to follow the iteration of the alias theme (an eye face state is a must.). The second name usually being something aggressive, but both start with the same letter. )
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#nerf poison
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[Image: unknown.png?size=4096]
After hours, of hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears (TY AMBER) Beggar's Hole has finally started to move in the proper direction needed to become a nation. Firstly, they've established their main building, built with a bar, a stage, a kitchen, beds and much more. 
Visitors have been plenty since before and after the finishing of the Inn, and as it stands Beggar's Hole even has it's own badge that people represent proudly. As the days past the bustling place to the south of Meiaquar and to the east of Geladyne seems to grow, albeit little by little.
As for recent events, it is known far and wide through the kingdom of Beggar's Hole that they've recently crowned Paprika as their Princess!
In other news, on the notice board, there is a posting about 'The Tree Choppin' Incident':

Quote:Lance got attacked while chopping trees. The guy was laughing. Cut Lance's arm off. Be careful out there, he's a wussy that hunts for people alone. He also assured us we'd be next.

Another post is held up on the board:
Quote:We do in fact have a do-not rob list. If you know, you know, if you don't they're probably lying.
More importantly, the 'honor among bastards' codes are below.
Be Civil amongst your other Bastards.
Do not Murder your fellow Bastards.
Assist, befriend and support your fellow Bastards.
Freely do as you please, alongside your fellow Bastards (within reason, you bastards.)
Always ask for consent from your fellow Bastards.
Try not to swear in front of the Princess, or the children (Except Red, she's a lost cause.)
Aside from this, there's been an alarmingly increase in children and homunculi, most of them coming from Geladyne, may it be from being exiles or just wandering off. Needless to say, they've got their hands full and their goals seem to be unknown to most! Even the consensually robbing has been dwindling as people are now walking AROUND the fence. 
#nerf summoner
#nerf poison
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