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[Korvara] Research & Development, Sol-Soparla: Vulcan
Research notes surrounding one batch of Homunculi dubbed 'Vulcan'. Likely stored in the appropriate place by whomsoever handled research and development.

Assigned Identification:
Research Notes:
        Page 1: Introduction
      Homunculus Type-S (Salamandra)
  Experiment Subject #V43 - assigned name Vulcan

  To create a batch of Salamandra capable of heightened destructive prowess, favoring quality over quantity.

Methods Proposed:
- Allocate two hundred percent more resources into the creation process. Thus, Vulcan's shell must be made purposefully larger as to accommodate the larger amounts of magical lava acquired from Terra Flama than what is usually required in creating Salamandra.

- Attempt to harness and compress fi-

(Further information on this page appears to be lost. Torn, it seems.)

       Page 2: Continuation

Day 2-XXX
- #43's ability to manifest flames at will exceeds expectations. No signs of instability regarding the subject's physical body, unlike previous subjects.

- #43 appears to have issue speaking coherent sentences. The Lead Scientist has determined this is an acceptable side effect of #43's enhanced capabilities.

- An unfortunate accident occurred during tests today. #43's tail was lobbed off due to the subject's strange obsession with... a potted plant. He would not follow orders. We had to use force.

- #43 was given a small plant in his room under the Lead Scientist's orders. This seems to have calmed him down.

- #43's tail appears to be growing back, bit by bit. This is an unexpected development, but not an unwelcome one.

- Tests have gone smoothly for the most part. #43 is a quiet one, though curious as well. The Lead Scientist fears he may be too curious for his own safety.

I personally wouldn't worry. Geladyne treats everyone fairly. Homunculi or otherwise.

- #43 has gone missing from his quarters. The guards are attempting to locate him as I write this down.

The notes end here. Related records show that the facility, Sol-Soparla- located near Terra Flama, where this research was conducted had unfortunately blown up due to an incident with one of the Homunculi. Only a handful of survivors were found under the debris.

The survivors say that #43 had successfully escaped with the help of another researcher, whom was found later on alone in an abandoned temple. Sadly, the scientist resisted arrests, and ended up dead. The Homunculi in question is, even after a decade and a half, still missing.
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