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[Korvara] An Elven Medical Journal
[Duyuei Healer's Hut. Subject: Umbral]

Patient located in Duyuei's Healer Hut and suffering from multiple ailments. Likely from the "Prison Breaker" 's efforts to free her from her mortal vessel. The name is unknown, but they bear the mark of an Umbral upon their body.

They suffer from multiple lacerations, burns, and bite marks (likely from Snakemen). On top of this, they have a nasty slash to their chest, suffused with the Black Decay: Likely another effect of the Prison Breaker. While this field of study is something that I have not much experience in, the effects are obvious. The blood and body itself rejects most mundane treatments involving magics. The initial presumption I had was that it may be of a hexborne nature, but upon further inspection it showed to be of a lesser severity. Likely the Prison Breaker wielding Veil Magic in a reckless fashion, or indulging in particularly risky behaviour with their combat style.

Regardless, the victim was unconscious for the treatment as a whole. Basic first aid was applied at the scene, but naught more than that. A water-based mist infused with focus was saturated with healing magic before being deployed to sterilize the immediate surroundings and my working environment. Her burns were treated with a topical salve and wrapped so as to protect the delicate flesh from growing infected, these injuries should heal with ample time.. though the scars will last for far longer than the simple, clean cuts.

The bite marks matched up with traditional injuries sustained from serpentkind and Snakemen. An anti-venom was made on the spot and injected to the location of the injury to help combat the effects of the toxin. Subsequent usage of magic was utilized, once the Black Decay had been flushed out of them, to dissipate any lingering effects. The syringe seemed harder to break into the skin than normal, perhaps an effect of the victim's status as an Umbral? Their blood seemed different as well, so perhaps a blood-based agent that was halting the treatment.

Black Decay treatment was harsh upon my focus reserves, but due to the Umbral's lack of any significant amounts of focus in their body, I was easily able to use Water-based methods of focus suffusion to drain their tainted focus out and store it in a water conduit. This process was repeated several times, pumping my own focus into them to work on flushing the Decay out of their system. After a few rounds of this, and many a headache later, the Decay had been subsequently transferred out of them and disposed of safely.

The chest wound was not a major source of concern once the Black Decay had been dealt with. Flesh was pressed back together and the injury sutured shut. While they will not be capable of fighting at full capacity any time soon, they will recover with little in the way of visible damage. Healing Magic was applied to help accelerate the natural healing process, but then left for them to rest, and for myself to rest.

Should further subjects suffer from Black Decay, assessments of the target's personal reservoir of Focus will need to be assessed, as well as the degree that they have been contaminated. Individuals with larger reservoirs of focus, or more contamination, will not be so easily purged of this Veil bound illness. Maybe more vocal awareness of the dangers of reckless Veil travel would help?

Penned by my hand,
Gormon Yasgall
Galeon Zviera's turn.
Critical Hit! Galeon Zviera attacks Jammer with  Floating Red Letter  and hits them!
Jammer takes 8420 Pierce damage.

Tiny Fawn Girl recovered 8550 HP.
Isabelline recovered 8550 HP.
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