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So long and thanks for all the fish
As some of you have may noticed, I've been exceptionally absent as of late. I have been grappling with the current state of the community, and what to do for some time, or perhaps more appropriately my inability to to engage with it, so I'm going to use this post to put my thoughts in order and say my goodbyes.

With the release of Korvara, I'd expected to see a split community in derision, but the result was, ultimately, different. The response was very unified, and positive on Korvara's release, which is quite good to hear and witness. Unfortunately, I really never had any particular interest in it. What held me to SL2 for so long was its setting and the Great Six. I had hoped to see mechanics and a structure like Korvara's built up around it instead, if possible, but the decision was made to keep such play separate, and so I had, bounced off my attempts to play in Korvara with the larger community, as it in and of itself held no interest to me beyond player integration with the pre-established national powers.

Unfortunately for me there isn't much activity, if any, to speak of back in the Great Six of course, as the playerbase has taken so wholeheartedly to the new setting. Most that do remain are typically distracted by their mains being on Korvara or are more inclined to the slice of life style play which had left me only tenuously hanging on beforehand. And as my LFGs were largely met with ridicule, and my disinterest in being pushy in my attempts to sway others to join me in a setting or at least system they have little interest in engaging with, I've been left in a rut of just staring at the player count and occasionally logging in to characters to prevent their housing slots from expiring. This has not been in the least beneficial to my emotional wellbeing.

So, that said, I'm wishing you all a fond farewell, and I hope you the best of luck and high adventures in the future. SL2 has at points been a wonderful experience to engage with and will be permanently etched into my memory. I'm undecided as to whether I will maintain the Dormeho Chapel housing slot, but I may choose to log in monthly to keep it in place, barring some demand for it to be replaced. So long, and thanks for all the fish.
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