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Ban Notice - Mother
This is a notice informing that Mother has been banned from Sigrogana Legends 2 for a period of one week.

The rationale for the ban is that it has been instated for Mother's acts of repeated harassment against multiple parties, for general belligerence towards other members of the community and incendiary behavior to that effect, and the attempted use of blackmail to sway a more recent OOC discussion into a favorable IC outcome for them.

It is our hope that this period of time can be used to reflect on the many chances that have been given and to forewarn that there will likely be no more following this.

The unusual format for providing notice of this ban has not been selected for any reason beyond practicality, as we couldn't do it the way we normally would. This is due to the fact that Mother shares an IP with other individuals who play the game.

The work-around required to ensure that the innocent third parties remained unaffected meant that the usual means of a publicly broadcast ban message was not possible.

However, the GM team has no interest in shadow-banning any individuals, hence this course of action.

If Mother wishes to appeal this, they are welcome to use this thread for, rather than opening a new one.
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