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[Korvara] A Bard's Muse
A simple Bard's songs, written and sung in different areas. The Bard never said their name, nor did they ever reveal just who they were, where they were from. For now, they simply remained anonymous to most. Yet, their songs spoke of different views.

Geladyne's Change

Watch the sheen,
Stone rising,
All meant for thee,

If you want,
I will take,
This heart's stone,
All for Her will's sake.

At war-
That's all that they wished,
'Telegrad and Sins,
They will fall to us, too,'

But times, have changed, have they?
Do you want to stay,
Do you want to conquer, still?


The Premier,
Once of Fear,
Now so tame,
Some even sane,

Dolls with strings,
Pretty things,
Once captive,
Now will be released.

Now Shine,
On to a new world,
On for what is toward,
A new rule and this belief,

If you, Want to actually see,
What we all will be,
Simply look towards her Majesty.

The Star-touched will all pray,
The Homunculi now stay,
The peace that we fought for, is it all real?

Fell down to the deepest Hells,
Yet I now cannot tell,
Is this true, or is this just fantasy?

The following song was never played in a public space. In truth, it was almost blasphemous to some people. Played only in the night when no one would really hear, the song went on into the air, as if to disappear.

Meiaquar's Historical

Hey, Meiaquar,
Do you know it?
Your greed-
It's all I see.


Yes, Mama, She taught me it all,
The way- to sell, the way to trade,
The world is so cruel, that's what she said,
And then, she too, disappeared like Dad.

Cutthroat was the past, the drugs flowing through veins,
Though the family name is kept,
The villains were all slain.

Is it true that they were,
All taken for their sins?
Is it true then that we,
Should never have ever been?

Hey Mama, Do you see me now?
Do I, sing of any lies?

The Don and Donna, they work in a pair,
Just like a coin, they give and then they swear,
'I will do what is right for us'
The country of Meiaquar.

-Hey, Mama, did you see just now?
The way that people will break and bow,

Just for coin, that is what they want,
They'll do anything, just for it all.

You might say that it isn't like that, wouldn't you?
To defend the place you loved- to defend what is true,
Yet I, know that greed is involved in every place,
It brought us to this very known state,

Would you say then that the world needs to change?
Do you think, we should start here?

All I saw was the ugly and the cruel,
All I knew was that I am a Fool.
If the world really was so unfair and unjust,
Then who, and what should I really trust?

My Father, he never spoke to me,
He was known to my Mom, as the one to leave,

In truth, he knew, that it would all be too soon,
The massacre, of all that he held to you.

You vile beasts, how dare you drug and how dare you feast!
Don't you- see that you'll just bring everyone down with you-
Do you all not care, is it really true?!
You brainwashed everyone, to be there for you!'

The gun was held, the void sent,
It was then, the end.

So she said 'Hello and Goodbye'.
To the original family of all those lies,
Though I knew not who they really were,
I wish, I could even infer.


This song of rage, it is all that it is,
The truth is that I don't believe it all,
The reality of this world is that I am...
A measely bard.
Of Meiaquar.
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