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[EVENT] Strange Disappearances
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[Image: coollogo_com-192061885.png]

There has been a brief 'lull' in activity since the last major outbreak of the monochrome creatures commonly known as the Lost.
The existence of Purgatories, or more commonly known as 'White Doors', continues to be. People across the world still encounter them every now and then.
Rumor has it that people travelling across a specific area of southern Sigrogana have been disappearing left and right. The remote area has garnered curiosity from many people, both concerned citizens and adventurers looking for a thrill.
Some people have claimed to have seen a White Door in the area, suggesting that the culprit may be the monochrome menace. Whether someone seeks to find the answer for themselves or not remains to be seen.

[Image: coollogo_com-293111433.png]

This is meant to be a moderately short and basic event. The event is public, and does not require your character or you, the player to know any established lore about the Lost in order to enjoy it!
This is also probably a good chance to start joining the plotline I will be resuming sometime soon if you were interested in doing that before. There's PVE, so please be ready for that if you plan on attending. You can also just ICly watch others fight if you're a non-combatant or your player character is low level and you don't feel like you can take on the Lost.
Directions towards the event camp will be given the day of the event in both the SL2 Discord and my event server, so don't worry about getting lost! They'll be super clear, promise.
If you want to more easily keep track of/get involved in the plotline stuff I'm running and want to hang out with other folks from the community, feel free to join my event server!
Event Date
Friday, January 13th, 5 PM EST
Estimated Length
Intended to be roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes or 2 hours tops
(Note that this can slightly change based on many factors such as unexpected circumstances)
4,000 Murai and 400,000 EXP
Fern's Event Server
We look forward to seeing you there. Please enjoy!
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[Image: Fern22.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]
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