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Version 2.70
2.70 - Diastrophism #1
Dark Bard
  • Added a brand new promoted class for the Bard base class called Dark Bard.
  • 21 new skills with many new animations.
Map Requests
  • Wanderer's Vale Floors 2+3 (Courtesy of Slydria)
  • Geladyne Construction Workshop (Courtesy of Appo)
  • Fairview Renovation (Courtesy of Appo)
  • Telegrad Southern Fields Urbanization (Courtesy of Autumn)
  • Various minor map changes (Courtesy of Dev)
New Areas (Korvara)
  • Added 6 new large exterior areas.
  • Added 5 new dungeon areas.
  • Added many new interior areas for the above.
  • Added 12 new battlefield maps.
New Enemies
  • Added 3 new boss monsters.
  • Added 13 new monster enemies.
  • Added several dozen new monster skills and many new animations for the above.
New Equipment Items
  • Added 30 new equipment items to the Korvara item pool.
New Materials
  • Added 20 new item materials;
  • 5 Ore
  • 5 Wood
  • 5 Page
  • 5 Cloth
New Enchantments & Adjustemnts
  • Added 8+ new enchantments.
  • Volcanic (Weapon); Damage effect now hits all enemies except the original target within 5 Range.
  • Volcanic (Armor); Effect changed; +25 HP. Being hit by an attack creates Cinders at all tiles within 2 Range (LV 15, 2 duration, once per round.)
New Special Strikes & Adjustments
  • Added 10 new Special Strikes to various weapons.
  • Added animations to all pre-existing Special Strikes which did not have them.
  • Maou; Damage now ignores armor.
New Item Potentials
  • Added 10 new Item Potentials to various weapons.
  • XP requirement to unlock potentials has been adjusted.
New Crystal Terminal Upgrade
  • Added 1 new Crystal Terminal upgrade.
New Traits
  • Added 15 new character traits.
New Youkai
  • Added 3 new Youkai; Fire Elemental, Wind Elemental, and Kerberos.
  • Added an animation for Snow Crow's Creysr.
New Donation Item
  • Added Sticker Set 2, containing Air and Risu stickers.
  • Added Ashe Padoru and Nemalyth Padoru as free stickers.
New Craft Recipes
  • Added 22 new material change kit recipes.
  • Added 12 new Tailoring recipes.
  • Added 1 new Metalwork recipe.
  • Added 4 new Alchemy recipes.
  • Added 8 new enchantment catalyst recipes.
  • Added 8 new recipe books (available in various shops on both Korvara and G6).
  • Added over a dozen new music tracks, including a new Korvara battle theme and boss theme.
  • Added animations for Absorb and Reflect effects.
  • Spiritualism spirits will no longer leave you if your talent rank is insufficient; instead, they will simply not take effect. (IE, if you have 5 spirits and only rank 4 Possession, the 5th spirit will not give any bonuses.)
  • Battle rings now have a flashing state for enemies who have 1 HP (which makes tracking things such as Winged Serpent's final attack HP threshold easier).
  • Walking monsters over level 70 are now immune to traps placed on the map. (Not traps which are used in battle.)
  • Execute; Bonus damage capped at +100.
  • Watchful Eye; Now has a 3 round CD.
  • Strangling Etacof; HP damage capped at 50, FP damage capped at 25.
  • Ice Point Guard; Can now parry monster weapons.

  • Icicle Spear; Now has a 3 round CD.

  • Crawling Spikes; Now has a 1 round CD. Damage bonus for multiple hits reduced to 25%/100% max per extra hit (from 50%/200%).

  • Rapid Kick; Now has a 1 round CD. 3 round CD if the enhanced version is used.
  • Fenri; Base Power changed to 11 (from 15), base Weight changed to 15 (from 6).

  • Hisen; Fatal Stroke adjusted. New animation effect. Damage can now critically hit and restores 5 FP for every enemy defeated by its effect.

  • Throwing Dagger; No longer receives Farshot penalties within its default attack range.

  • Elytra; Blunt resistance changed to 1*UL%. Effect which activates on knockdown removed.

  • Red Letter; No longer absorbs Fire damage or gives an Ice weakness. Now deals Fire bonus damage equal to 50% of Fire ATK on hit.

  • Circle Ring; Effect changed; Gives Skill

  • Circle Nine. (Prove to everyone you're not an idiot by dealing 99% of your Ice ATK as bonus armor-ignoring Ice damage to all enemies in a 3 range Circle. You also gain Absorb Ice (Limited) LV 1 for 9 rounds. 9 round CD.)

  • Reactive Armor; Fire damage effect must now come from an enemy and has a 1 round CD. Damage increased to 10 + UL (from 2 + UL).

  • Guard Riposte item effects; Now only triggers if the Guard LV is at least 30.

  • Masking Trail; SWA Ratio is now 100%. Skill now goes on a 3 round CD when invoked successfully.

  • Luckiness Dance; Now has Dance tag.
[b]- Fixed a bug where Conductor's Misdirection didn't work when used on a player character.
- Fixed a bug where weather effects would persist if you were defeated in battle.
- Fixed a bug where resistances given by prayer statuses were calculated incorrectly.
- Fixed a bug where elemental resists weren't updating if you used a material kit on an equipped item.
- Fixed a bug where skill/movement usage while airborne sometimes didn't break the airborne effect.
- Fixed a bug where Jet Stream knocked back enemies who dodged its damage.
- Fixed a bug where certain bonus Critical Damage modifiers for basic attacks weren't applying.
- Fixed a bug where Excel Crash Plus effects for Turnover weren't activating.
- Fixed a bug where Critical Damage calculations that didn't involve a weapon didn't actually provide a critical multiplier above 100%, leading to no damage increase.
- Fixed a bug where Frostbite applied by Chilling Rune was using an incorrect value.
- Various other reported bug fixes.

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