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Character Ability Request - Justice
Applicable BYOND Key - Zilkat

Character Name - Justice

Request Type - Character Ability

Request Details -  I'd like for Justice to be able to make magical contracts: In similar fashion to how usually one "deals with the Devil", a contract that binds to the soul of the person, similar to a curse somewhat, and allows the caster to set the rules, whilst the one signing agrees to the conditions with blood. 
The original goal of this was to set-up the contracts for the band that Justice runs "The Disciples of Justice". Though, it isn't applied yet ICly, the idea is that these contracts, while active, help the band members be bolstered during their passion(music in this case) so that they may be better musicians, whilst also receiving the benefits of having a "Death Ward" so long as they remain loyal to Justice. The counterpoint was, should they break the contract, their passion is completely stripped from them, and any damage mitigated by the death ward would come back.
This overall, would be the idea of how contracts work, but I think their functioning has to always remain in a similar format:
The contract has certain pros, that the cons interact with directly.
However, the idea of Justice being able to make these contracts for other people would be interesting too; Where for example, a cult wishes a new member, so they rely on Justice to have their newest addition be loyal, at a benefit to the new member.

Examples of this could be the following:
A religious figurehead wants to have their words be divine, as such they make a contract with Justice that makes their words extremely affable, and Justice puts the condition of having to entertain them every now and then, and failing to do so will strip their voice away forever.

A couple wish to bind their souls together forever, as such, they make an equal contract that binds their life together, should one die, the other will too.

The limitations on it could be related to who bares the contract, using focus, ideally. Such as the usage of the Death Ward being an exhausting power that is kept by the fact Justice needs to be close-by for it to work in the first place, and that it can't happen multiple times within the same day. But this can be spread out for all contracts, those that do not include Justice as part of the contract would have a toll on the "contractor", if the contract has that possibility. Some contracts will offer tolls on both, and some on none.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - I want Justice to be able to have a type of magic that isn't exactly seen in Korvara, only on Youkais, so why not have someone contract on people?

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - 

Roleplay - Justice is roleplayed as the teacher of the Disciples, mysterious in nature of how they came together, and it's been allured about his talents, though, not completely(as to avoid not having the inconsistency of not knowing if this is approved), and it'd make for an interesting method for Guild recruitment, as the group is interested in creating a Guild.

Lore - There is no lore supporting this idea currently, as far as I'm aware of, as it seems contracts with Youkai are different than what these contracts are supposed to be.
This one is approved pending some adjustments that I asked for in DM's.

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