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(05-04-2023, 11:33 PM)firehawk11 Wrote: Curses are curses, they should be bad why else would it be a curse?

This would be a plausible argument if a detrimental cost didn't also apply to certain enchants (rebelling, mutated, etc). While I understand the need to play devil's advocate, there's absolutely no reason curses shouldn't get a tweaking. As it stands like stated above, Rustic is just a worse version of Reaper. I would also like to see it be revamped so as the game can see some differentiation in terms of popular enchants/curses used.
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Curses being bad for the sake of being negative curses doesn't really add anything to the game
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The idea of Curses is that they have notable drawbacks for notable benefits, unlike other enchantments. As is, the 'notable' part of most curses is kind of Pre-GR or straight up boring, and needs to be changed.

I only asked for Rustic to give +10 Power because at the moment it doesn't really feel special, thanks to purely beneficial enchantments outperforming it.
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Rebellion and Mutated should probably be curses also then.
Personally I think that Cursed should be a downside that is not quite as severe with a marginally worth it upside, and I think "Doomed" suffixes should be much more gimmicky and severe, for example:

Rustic (Doomed):

-Weapon durability is reduced to 4 max, can only be increased by Upgrades. (Reflective of live currently)
-Weapon durability is decreased by 1 whenever a skill or spell is used by this weapon (Can only occur once per attack)
-Weapon cannot be repaired by any source except for Blacksmiths (Repair costs are increased by 5x)
-Weapon gains Brittle tag (+30% Main stat scaling)

There you go, you have a funny meme stick that is assured to break after 9 attacks, I'm sure there is meme potential here without making it quite too good, you might get weapon swap shenanigans but in the pursuit of 'for fun' I'd still say its a pretty good gimmick.

This is what I think 'doomed' should be like, gameplay altering effects that cause you to interact with your weapon or even piece of armor differently.

Perhaps there could be other gimmicks like a global curse that causes you to be unable to unequip a gear piece when put on until it is purified by a purging flame.
Pretty sure rustic in live also gets boosted by weapon parts or something, unless that was changed.
Seems pretty pretty pretty dangerous for rustic to be THAT strong. . .But it would also be interesting and game changing. Though then at that point, it becomes very annoying to actually grind with your rustic tome. So then it just becomes a pvp tool.

Could be interesting. And its better than just giving +30 power, which would break tactician orders.
Only thing you need to worry about is anyone running high skill Rustic Hexer build potentially. Then again I never found any of the curses rather useful with our sheer amount of positive enchantments we got access to. Not to mention Reaper +5 Power, which in the end makes you really question it when you finally figure out that weapon power is added on at the end of calculations. So really increasing a bit from Rustic for capping durability wouldn't even matter long term. Since, hey look +8 power for 4 Dura max! That is a potential 3 more damage...Doesn't sound all that broken.

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