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Ilyas - Special Technique Request
Applicable BYOND Key - Angriushexius
Character Name - Ilyas
Discord for DM'ing purposes - Shade#8000 (I'd like to remove this after approval/denial, if that's alright)
Request Type - Character Technique: Deceased Soul Binding/Storage
Request Details - This request is for a technique the above character can use to reflavor the possession subtalent as well as to use the souls that they are possessed by in combat in an indirect capacity, such as using the souls to explain how certain strange techniques like Negotiate and Steal function.

That said, the main purpose of this request is to add a source of antagonism for the character, mainly those that would find the act described below as spiritually reprehensible if they become aware of the details of it. Though certainly that distaste could be provoked simply by being aware of the difference between a possession by spirits and a possession by souls (which, as far as I'm aware, the only real difference between the two is that souls have solid identities).

The souls themselves are intended to come from deals made with npc's encountered in the character's day to day life and business affairs, which I would be glad to speak more about in DM's. Though if someone else were to request the character perform this service for them they wouldn't pry particularly deeply into how consensual the deal is between contractor and contractee (That said, if it should ever become the case that a deal of this nature occurs between two PC's I'd require full ooc permission and understanding of the details presented in this request post for all parties involved)

I don't intend for this to occur any mechanical or IC benefit, the main purpose is for plot and character hooks. It could be the case that NPC or player souls could divulge information to the contract holder, but in this case it would only ever be information that the contract holder in question could reasonably be approved to have. In the case of it being an npc then the owner of said npc would have to giver the approval, with the same criteria needing to be met for any PC. I'd also be glad to hear any other stipulations that would be preferred for these contracts to either add a more esoteric touch to them or for balancing purposes if such is desired.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - Hear me out. . . I think it'd be cool and fun to play.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request -  Afterlife Debt

It is often the case that people require certain services or goods to ensure the continued quality, or even the very existence, of their lives. In more fortunate circumstances the cost of these goods and services are rendered up front or immediately after their fulfillment. Otherwise, a debt is accrued upon the recipient's part.

Debt can be a terrible thing to crawl out from under, especially in a world dedicated to value. In some cases it can even prove as disastrous to one's life as if the initial purchase had been entirely forgone. . . simply on a longer, far more looming scale. Some even find themselves with a sort of debt that binds them to the mortal plane even after they should have departed. Foul acts, lingering emotion, unfortunate circumstances; all of these can inflict debts of a spiritual variety. Debts which demand one's memory of even the method of payment as compensation.

There are only a small, though happy, few debtors that may find the end of their days without having their lives marred by what they owe. Though, in this circumstance what hardship may befall those who rendered their services or provided their goods; now forever denied the compensation they were due? Is it fair that their lives are bereft of what they may have gained from a truly even deal?

Making sure that accounts are settled is a foundational necessity for any nation built on trade. To that end, Ilyas has developed a method to ensure that even those who are not able to pay for what they require are able to receive what they need without denying their benefactors what they deserve for providing what was necessary.

By mixing a debtors blood with ink produced from a plant known for draining focus from those that interact with it unprotected as well as other alchemic reagents, and having the debtor sign a contract which outlines the details of the future role of service they are to undertake Ilyas is able to bind the soul of a debtor to the written contract, themself, or a client that has requested the service specifically. This binding functions in much the same way as possession for a normal person or a haunted item, the only difference being that the entity being bound is a fully realized soul with its identity intact, allowing for those with the necessary capability to communicate with the deceased. . . though certainly other uses for souls have come to light in Korvara.

The details of the contract are generally up to the creditor and debtor to decide, though usually a number of years of service are decided upon beforehand. Often based upon the degree of benefit provided to the debtor's life by the creditor's service, or indeed as direct a trade as the number of years lived after services rendered translating to the number of years of service to be provided.

In reality the specifics of the contract are unimportant, as is the material upon which the contract is written. The necessary components of this technique are the ink, the blood of the debtor, and willful act of signing the contract. It is not necessary that the blood be given willingly or that the signed name be the debtors true name, nor is it particularly necessary that the debtor understand the specifics of the contract that they are signing. . . though should a soul find itself bound to someone or something against their will it's to be expected that they're not going to be very happy about it, and while the wording of the contract can have some influence on the departed's behavior any entity with a strong enough will is fully capable of defying the contract holder's desires. Though their main recourse for fully nullifying the contract is to find a way to destroy the physical copy, specifically the portion they signed, the bound soul may also try to take a more manipulative approach to force the contract holder or an outside party to destroy or nullify the contract by other means.

There are, however, other methods of nullifying or ending a contract. The contract holder may also choose to destroy the physical copy, though in many instances a clause is written that the creditor may end the contract by 'willing' it to be void, this action normally involves a short, single phrase invocation of sorts into which the desire of breaking the contract is encoded. In contracts that are designed to be as fair as possible for both parties there are also times in which the bound soul is given the option to nullify the contract by will as well, though this is often quite rare in any instance where a full explanation of the circumstances are explained to the debtor before their death.

Lore Support:

I wasn't able to find much lore at all directly referencing souls specifically, let alone the manipulation of them, I have found a few items which to some degree mention souls being used in similar ways to parts of this technique.

The most obvious would be the Torment Noctis, which mentions being able to use souls in its item text; particularly for the application of curses. While it would be a stretch to call this technique a 'curse' it does at least show that there are applications for souls outside of research into Homunculi.
[Image: 00bec35c933ad74b5e1f577ce14baf97.png]

Next we have the Valkyrie Ring. While the item itself doesn't claim to have any properties that manipulate souls it does make mention of the mythical figure it is named after. In doing so the text also notes that said figure is capable of directing souls away from Lazarus, a good sign for others intending outside interference in the natural cycle.
[Image: e3b14b3379b87abb2d8ec184c75314fa.png]

From here I'll move on to lore supporting the main alchemic ingredient mentioned in the post above, a flower that siphons focus. To start I'll reference the Whynesfelt, which has direct mention of such a flower in its item text.
[Image: 2ea58e81b4cb5547687d1044327625f3.png]

Going forward from that though I should note that the particular flower used in this process is one that belongs to the personal lore of another player's character, which I've gotten permission to use and would be fine with discussing in the details of that in DM's for privacy's sake. The flower in question, though, is assumed to have been crossbred with the flower mentioned in the Whynesfelt description, to note its connection to already existing in-game lore.

Outside of these points I'm unfortunately unaware of any further supporting lore I can use. If there is more to be had I'd be glad to hear of it, and to adjust the details of this technique if necessary to account for any incongruities caused by that lack of knowledge.
Thought I'd check in on this, and further mention that I'm open to responding to DM's to hammer out any further details that may be desired.

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