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Currently, you are allowed to have a total of one (1) weapon slotted into your Item Belt, that you can swap with your main for 3M. There is, unless my brain functions even less than already I think it does, no way to increase this cap. The one thing you slot in there, plus your main weapon (and your sub, if applicable) is all you got.

I'd like to propose that we add ways to be able to keep more weapons in reserve. I understand that being able to swap weapons on the fly even at the cost of losing some momentum economy (unless you're a Shifty Pocket gamer) is pretty strong. But especially after things like the Red Letter nerf, and the fact you're depriving yourself of consumables in the process, I don't think it's strong enough that there should be absolutely no way to put at least one extra weapon in there. If you want my thoughts on how, a couple ideas come to mind.
  • Make it a passive you can grab from Demon Hunter. Even with Martial Lawbreaker existing, I think most DH players will agree that part of the full donte the demon slayer power fantasy is swapping through tons of different weapons for sicknasty combos.
  • Make it a Trait you can take. To prevent it from becoming one of the 'why would I ever not just take this purely beneficial bonus with the ten billion trait points we get?' ones, it'd probably need a stipulation or decently pricy cost attached. You might need X amount of ranks in all of the Weaponry talents, or maybe there's a minor scaling penalty so that you're trading raw power for versatility. Or just a stupid amount of Aptitude, like Undeniable Innovator.
  • Make it an effect you can get from an equipped item, probably an Accessory. A lot of things compete for those slots, and I personally think using one of them to be able to cart along extra weapons is a perfectly fine tradeoff for one of them.
  • Make it a special benefit you get from having two Magic Pocket enchantments active. Does this provide some pretty heavy synergy with Shifty Pocket? Yes. Are you trading an important enchantment slot on both your torso and footwear to make pulling a weapon out of your bag of tricks once a round your build? Yup. I want to say that's fair.
You can even just make it so any or all of those are valid options to increase your maximum amount of item belted weapons, but you can't stack them. Only go up from one to two.

Of course, I'm no balance master, and I am reasonably biased because I like Shurikens but hate that I can only keep a single one extra in my ninja bag. My ideas might be total garbage or there's some busted interaction I forgot about. But I wanna say, about the general idea, I think having the extra versatility of more weapons to use mid-battle will endorse more build creativity and cool character concepts than it'll hurt mechanically.
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How many years have it been of me asking for this to be a thing... ;_;

(Please yes.)
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
I'd love for this to be a thing.
I'd also want this to be able to swap weapons to an empty hand. . .
If i'm not using a weapon, and its just a bare fist. . LET ME PUT THE WEAPON IN IT! C'MON! Makes no sense that I can't.
Yes please, and make DH able to swap weapon for free!

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