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Medicinal Crafting Bench
Can we get a specific crafting bench for every ailment-curing item organized in one convenient place?

I hate breaking my leg, burning to a crisp, and slogging around with a raging fever as I claw through various crafting tables in desperation for two hours before I find the three specific items needed to cure my damned soul so I can walk around again.

They can remain as level 1 crafts for whatever crafting tree they're originally found in, but at least put them all in one spot.

I assume medical-oriented PCs also struggle with such things.
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Yeah, it's a bit silly needing to have like 5 different benches to handle medical problems when there should really just be one that's specifically for prepping whatever medical supplies you might need.

While some stations might make sense to have in an infirmary, like an alchemy table, it's a bit nonsensical to have a woodworking bench, a tailoring table, a cutting board, and a magical book (the enchant create station) crammed nearby so you can have access to what's needed for every mechanical injury.
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