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tattoo refresh
its a bad skill, tattoo are difficult to slot in and the only one most mages will be running are barrier and maybe charm

a 3m skill with a 5 turn cooldown that grants a 50% one hit damage shield and rolls an inflict for a 3-turn level 15 charm isn't great. the fp reduction from arcane tattoo is also irrelevant, especially given it's a two-turn duration. given its momentum cost and cooldown, you would expect this to be on the same level of power as wraithguard or swift rune crafting, but it's not even worth spending SP on

i'm not sure what direction to go in to fix this, but i've had a few ideas

1. keep tattoo refresh effects as is, but knock it down to 1m (comparing a main class cooldown to magic stones, and the magic stones are still better tbh)
2. keep tattoo refresh effects as-is, but make casting the attached spell cost 0m and consume the Tattoo Refresh status once cast (invokes would only make the actual casting 0m, not the chant)
3. keep tattoo refresh effects as-is, but make it automatically activate when casting the spell attached to the arcane tattoo passive
4. change tattoo absorb to amplify the effect of all tattoos (extra DR/charges on barrier, higher level/duration on charm, etc)
5. some combination of the above
I'd make it so Tattoo Refresh does its refreshing every round for 5 rounds.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
1m sounds correct to me
I agree. I think the most reasonable choice would be making it 1M but keeping it at it's current state. 5 round CD is incredibly long for something that gets popped and then has a mediocre secondary effect. It is very comparable to magic stones and even then I'd argue magic stones are stronger effect wise. (see: Morganite, Fortunite, Requinite)
For refreshing once every turn for five turns, assuming you guard one attack from one target that's attacking you twice, that's equivalent to a 25% DR, but it can be bypassed or devalued with multihits or being hit by multiple targets, so that could actually work.

However, I could also see it being reduced to 1m with a 3-turn cooldown (or less, or none, even) to be made into a momentum burner to make use of that 1m Evoker can't spend itself.

It could even be turned into a main class passive that, if you end your turn with 1m or more, automatically reactivates your tattoos.
1m with 5 turn cooldown is enough. It's a solid skill. Making it refresh more often would be too powerful and evoker doesn't need buffs overall

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