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Thick Iron
Make a version of Boulder called Thick Iron, by using like... five times the amount of iron. Or using a unique ore. This has two purposes:

1. I don't have to go into the minotaur mushroom fun maze (a minor inconvenience)
2. I don't have to have a weapon made out of rock, which is disgusting (more important)

Any jokes at the expense of my username from this suggestion will be noted and not unexpected.
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Saws are generally made of metal so it checks out
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I saw what you did there.
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Perhaps some kind of 'Alloy' instead, made up of ingots of various other metals so it's both a higher resource sink + More thematic instead of making the most common metal the 'best'. Make it require level 6 blacksmithing so there's a point to me having level 6 blacksmithing.
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Yeah an alloy of all metals would be really cool and also mean every metal is now useful so I'm all for it
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Yeh, I like that idea too. Let blacksmith players be the reason behind better and stronger materials, not new map updates and RNG miners.
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