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Tank Boxer
Boxer's in a weird spot right now but this isn't going to be a thread pitching a class rework or anything to that degree, I'm simply asking for some minor changes to some small hiccups.

The Struggle skill (granted when Frozen), Racial skills, as well as Guard shouldn't reduce your Sturm by 2. 

It's cool that Boxer gets rewarded for spec'ing into evade through Krahenflugel which grants you +1 sturm for evading something because of the nature of evade which incentives going harder in offense over defense.

But if you try to build a defensive playstyle with Boxer, you're automatically on the backfoot because you can't use Guard which is a major staple of playing a tank.

I feel that because Guard, and subsequentially any racial skill, punishes you by taking away Sturm. It tends to make Boxer feel even more narrow than it already is. It should honestly just restrict class skills and movement but nothing else.
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basic movement too please
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Boxer probably should have some sort of Guarding skill anyway, given the fact that it' of the most important things in, yknow, actual boxing ?

And not losing sturm for using items'd also be nice
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Personally I'm of the opinion that base-class MA skills shouldn't reduce Sturm, given they're the foundation on which you've built Boxing to begin with.

That said, yeah, having your guard up is a big part of boxing IRL so it doesn't make much sense that it'd reduce your Sturm.
Cannot reduce Schwarz Sturm - Guard, Struggle, Kick.
Reduces Sturm by 2 - Martial Artist (and Promotion) skills and spells. Movement. Racial skills and spells.
Resets Sturm to 0 - Anything else not listed.

Schwarz Sturm interacts with Ki Awoken, preventing the HP drain from happening but lowering its level by 1.

Backflip, Power Up and Aid interacts with Schwarz Sturm, granting +2 LVs instead of removing it.

Felsmanege interacts with Permafrost, creating Ice Points instead of Earth tiles.

Grandupper interacts with Ice Points, making it so if you fall down in an Ice Point you take 150% Ice ATK damage and get Frozen LV10 until your next round.

Geist Schritt is changed to have a 10 + (10 * Schwarz Sturm)% chance to trigger a Glancing Blow against the skill or spell targeting them, but costs 0M and has a 2 round cooldown.

Da dream, even if off-topic beyond the first part.
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Yeah, anything that makes sturm less fickle is a good idea in my book. Give them guard and move and items and 0-1m stuff and MA kicks... only thing that should break it is using actual skills from other classes
I'd admittedly probably never touch boxer again with changes like that to sturm loss and geist, so please no.
At this point I think it would be wise to start tagging certain things as skills not-associated to a class or item and having the condition where sturm decreases exclude those skills specifically.
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