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Child Character Request
Applicable BYOND Key -  Kaillith5

Character Name -  Akane Ryuzaki

Request Type -  Child Character - 12 years old

Request Details -  Looking to start a character that'll be adopted by Saya Ryuzaki (Played by Kotaro). We've talked oocly about the idea and they are looking to adopt.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) -  Looking to play a young character to play a arc of growth and being raised into the Yakuza.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request -  Never knowing her parents she grew up in Meiaquar slums. She'd resort to petty pick pocketing to try and buy food ,and if not would steal bread when she had to. One day she pick pockets a yakuza (Saya) and gets found out and instead of being punished she gets brought in to see if she can learn and make it with professionals.

Happy to expand or explain anything that needs to be cleared up ^^
I can approve this if you agree to the rules below for child characters until you've decided to age them up.

Child Character Rules:

* If your character is considered to be a child or pre-teen, they must behave like one. They can't be powerful or all-knowing, nor act like mature adults in child's bodies. This includes being a master craftsman before the age of 13, or becoming an expert in any particular field. (You can still mechanically grind a crafter, just don't reference it ICly until you've aged up.)

* No serious IC combat. Children are weak and won't be able to defend themselves, no matter their upbringing. You can still RP combat as a student of some form, but your abilities will not be mechanically viable and you should not be fighting mechanically in IC.

* No sexualized content of any kind regarding or in reference to the child character, on or off game.
[Image: tenor.gif]
I 1000% agree with all of this.

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