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Revert Snake Shot and Pulling Shot CDs
I'm still trying to figure out why these exist in the first place.

I don't care about swapping the extra damage on snake shot to on hit, but it's really fucking stupid snake wrap and the CD etc got changed too. Same stands for pulling shot. Ranger really didn't need this post flip shot nerf.
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Pulling Shot eventually needed it at some point due to how effective it is on it's own and how effective it can be with any slows on the playing field (plus technically the spirited version is buffed now). But I agree with you about Snake Shot, it is meant to play off of itself, a 1 round cooldown would have sufficed in order to give people some warning as to when snake wrap is coming. Pulling shot had very little counterplay and was a really strong tool in teamfights, and here it still remains a strong tool for teamfights.
Snake Shot's cooldown could be reduced to 1 round.
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Perfectly happy with 1 round imo

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