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SL2 Version 2.80
Battlefield Circles
  • Added Battlefield Circles, and Temporary Battlefield Circles.
  • These are interactive objects that you can use to start multi-party PvP battles with up to 12 different parties.
  • Various parameters can be adjusted for these battles, including things like Max HP/FP Multipliers, Damage Scaling, etc. (Temporary circles can be right-clicked to do so, while permanent circles can be interacted with normally.)
  • Temporary circles can be spawned anywhere by clicking a new HUD button. They will disappear when the creator leaves the queue.
  • Permanent circles are sandbox objects that can be crafted via Construction. Additional map selections can be added to them by crafting Cartographer's Memory items and fusing them with the circle. (As a heads up, both the circle and memory items are a bit expensive!)
  • Due to the expensive nature of these items, permanent circle items cannot be attacked, nor can they be dismantled by anyone except their placer (or a GM). When dismantled, all Cartographer's Memory items fused with it will return to that person's inventory.
  • If someone has placed one in an undesirable or disruptive spot, please notify a GM. As with all sandbox objects, abuse may lead to your inability to utilize these features.
Event Tools
  • Encounter Tool:
    • Added a button to set Battle Modifiers for your encounter.
    • If Target Mode is active, when you apply an encounter, it will include all of the player characters inside of that same battle. (Including yourself! Be careful. Note that you will still need to click on a specific player as the initial 'apply' target.)
Crystal Terminal Upgrades
  • Added 4 new Crystal Terminal upgrades called Crystal Cartography (I
  • IV). These allow you to craft Cartographer's Memory items for use with Battlefield Circles.
Support Shop
  • New Item; Profile Package 2
    • Adds new customization options for your character profiles.
    • Backgrounds: Brick, Celt, Dirt, Forest, Forest (Grey), Grass 1, Grass 2, Grass 3, Ice, Ice (Grey), Spatial, Water
    • Portrait Borders: Esteemed 1, Esteemed 2, Esteemed 3, Esteemed 4, Simple (Petals)
    • Profile Borders: Books, Books (Border), Books (Grey), Crate, Crate (Grey), Fog, Fog (Border), Ice, Ice (Grey)
  • Patrons with active patreon tier benefits now have increased inventory size and bank storage slots. +10 for Tier 1, +20 for Tier 2.
Map Requests
  • Duyuei Battlefield Update (Courtesy of Autumn)
  • Vale Roads & Construction (Courtesy of Autumn/Slydria)
  • Meiaquar Hospital (Courtesy of Slydria)
  • Geladyne R&D Renovations (Courtesy of Slydria)
  • Duyuei Arena (Courtesy of Slydria)
New Items
  • Added 3 new equipment items.
  • Added a Grindylow Plushie as a drop from Grindylows. (Courtesy of Frozen)
  • Charging Strike; Now treated as a separate status from Charge, allowing you to gain Charging Strike effects even if Charge ends prematurely. (It will still end Charge, however.)
Dark Bard
  • Power to the People; Effect now takes into account Shadow Moshes on the same tile as yourself.
  • Heaven Below; LV increases by 2 per round (instead of 1). LV is decreased by 1 upon taking non-field, non-status, non-bonus damage (instead of removing it completely).
  • Grand Finale; Now boosts Heaven Below's LV by 3 if active when it is triggered.
  • Heart of the Lion; Effect now also cleanses Fear statuses when triggered.
  • Battle indicators can now be viewed from any distance away, but in order to request to join a battle, you must now be within 2 tiles of its indicator.
- One Time Chests for Lorelei, Moon-Mirror Shield, Tetra Gauntlet and Flower-Wreathed Shoes now include a recipe card to craft them. If you have already obtained these chests, the recipes will automatically become available after you have unlocked Crystal Cartography II at a Crystal Terminal.
- Battle system now capable of supporting more than 2 parties at a time.
- When loading your character, you are given the same 'walking monster grace period' that you get when leaving a battle, meaning monsters will not ambush and engage you the second you appear.
- Fixed a bug where the Abandoned Mine battle map wasn't showing.
- Fixed a bug where youkai enhanced by Parted Pain would leave enemies at HP higher than 15% when dealing damage.
- Fixed a bug where Distorted Beat was applying when songs other than Bard base class songs were played.
- Various forum bug fixes.
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