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Wings and Jumpers
With the inclusion of many more Jump (the talent) points introduced in Korvara since the inception of the talent, and the more IC-oriented focus of Korvara compared to G6....

It has always struck me as strange that winged races who can quite clearly fly to a reasonable degree, still need to buy the Jump talent in order to clear ledges or gaps that use Jump points to navigate.

While I'd love to get over those 2 pixel wide ledges in other maps I think it's a reasonable ask that Corbies, Phenex, and Herons (Omina is a weird one since they can technically have wings but I am unsure if they possess the means to fly as well if at all compared to the others) be able to traverse Jump points without the talent. This could also apply to Chimera who eat dragon remains. (F to my Chimera homies you'll get your W someday kings)

and if you remember g6 Liches could also get this since they straight up teleport to move with a racial trait of theirs.

I wouldn't make it a trait or anything, as its comparative strength is a 0.5 talent point dump.

It just feels very silly to me that races with wings that can clearly fly must buy into a talent to leap. Oh right. Leaping. Leporidae should have this by default too. They literally have leaping as a racial skill from the get go. Why do they need to pay a talent point to jump.
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Give dragon remains eating same update and you got a deal
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I would go further and let them go backwards through one-way leap spots with a trait. Like yeah bro fly up that cliff.
This would be a flat buff to anyone of those races. It effectively gives each one of those one extra talent to spend from the get go.

I'm not sure how much it would impact balance, but I can't imagine it being nothing.
It's extremely negligible. I can see the concern for giving these races something for nothing effectively though.

It'd have to be part of something else to justify a trait so it isn't a flat buff if we went that route.

I'm not super concerned about it since this talent is largely for exploration anyway, and anyone who's building for power is going to skip the Jump talent and carry a pair of goat lord boots if they're really fiending to traverse jump points.

So I cannot see it affecting balance much if at all, optimized talent allocation already excludes it.
I'd be up for this personally honestly, I can't see anything as a buff or balancing issue for someone not taking a talent, especially when most ignore it anyway given there not too many things minus short cuts on Korvara (one of which you can do nearly the same with the one map change that was put in at slightly longer) that extensively use the jump talent? I rarely take it as it is myself, so letting the races who make sense to do this seems fine on that since it not something that'll apply in combat by any means.
Yeah, I'd like having +1 to my so precious talent points. Mandatory Talents suck, man.
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