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Termina - The Akashic Fumble
Byond Key: PeepPeepPeepers
Character Name: Termina
Request Type: Ability Fluff/Backstory/Height
Request Details: This request in particular is being re-done to better spread out what was originally approved and what is being re-applied for. I'll list them, here.


X4 Humans (Meiaquarise, Geladynian, Telegradian, Duyueian) with Eyes of God.
X1 Reaper with the ties to Lazarus.
X1 Oracle with the Eyes of Accursed.
X1 Papilion with the Insanity of the Abyss.
X1 Glykin with the Blood of Purity.
X1 Heron with the Voice of the Divine.

Termina was created in Geladyne about fifty years ago, an Amalgama created on a whim by a long forgotten scientist. There was no real information on the akashic record, only that Homunculi somehow awakened with basic thoughts, ideas, and knowledge despite not all of them being put in. This scientist sought to see if a homunculus would be able to reach that 'well of knowledge' and stay there, to funnel more to the outer world. This, of course, failed. However, what did succeed was that Termina managed to stay In the Akashic Record for longer than most homunculi would, causing mutations and specific issues in their day to day life. They served in the military and survived only due to their abilities in magic and quick learning ability.

Knowledge Bank (Fluff Ability) - The boon to having stayed in the Akashic Record for longer than most homunculi is simply that Termina can learn and understand things alarmingly quickly. Whether it be texts of differing languages, magics they don't understand at first, or fighting styles they've never seen, they're able to absorb and comprehend how it works at a startingly rapid rate. Though they can comprehend the knowledge, there's no guarentee they can use this information, or that they're capable of doing the things they know.

Fractured Body (Fluff Debuff) - The unfortunate side effect of having stayed longer than expected in the Record is that Termina is physically quite frail. Along with being pale as snow, if they don't have their magical barriers up at all times, simply pushing or trying to bruise them might fracture something, or at least cause a lot more damage than would be expected. Along with this, their eyesight is severely hindered, though not to the point of being completely blind. Their shell remains brittle despite any attempts to reinforce it due to the connection and the strange status the Amalgama's soul has.

Limited Divine Sight (Fluff Ability) - (This is an addition to the original application) - There goes a rumor that those of human descent, who have remained purely human, are capable of unlocking a sight that allows them to cut down anything and everything using the lines that only they themselves can see. Termina is capable of seeing hazy lines, but unable to interact with them. This is due to the humans which were used to make up their soul, originally.

Barrier Magic (Fluff Ability) - (This is an addition to the original application) - The only reason that Termina has truly survived up till the modern day of Korvara is because of their ability to create barriers. These barriers are very flexible and mostly translucent, being invisible to the average, naked eye. Powered by Focus, anyone with a touch of magic or sense is able to figure out that they're constantly surrounded by the protection. While not foolproof at all, the barrier magic is capable of being reactive. Though, as expected, when the amalgama sleeps, the barriers can no longer be used. Constant upkeep of this magic would normally be far too taxing on a human, but as a homunculus is filled to the brim with Focus, it's only a mild hindrance for the most part.

Shrunken Figure - Poor Termina is much shorter than would be desirable for most. They stand at a meager 4'0 flat-foot. Any larger and their body would simply cave in on itself from trying to support  bigger vessel.

Reason for Making this Request: I already submitted this privately some time ago, but with new additions added and new wants for the character formed, I'm sending this in once more. For the original reasoning, I just found the idea of the Akashic Record interesting. Along with that, I really like the lore of Homunculi, and wish to explore it further.

Roleplay and Lore Supporting this Application: Homunculi already are connected to the Akashic Record in a very vague manner at the beginning, obtaining various amounts of knowledge from ‘birth’. In general, I imagine that there's such things as deformities due to miscaculations during the creation process.
"To write is to live a dream."
After a lot of review with other staff I have come to conclusion on how I wish to handle this app.

I'd like to approve it, but I'd request some alterations and some notes I'd like to clarify for it. Feel free to ask questions on anything of the following:

1. The Akashic Record is just a theory for an explanation on how Homunculi and to some extent Liches function on G6. Nothing about it is proven and is a mortal's best attempt to understand an anomaly. Your character can still be the product of an attempt to grasp how homunculi gain their knowledge better; an experiment, but you cannot use the term Akashic Record IC as it is a Karaten term.

2. Knowledge bank is a-ok. Approved given the concept.

3. The Akashic Record would not necessarily damage the character, but it could be a belief that dwelling in the Record harmed Termina somehow and resulted in a fragile shell and weak eyesight. This is approved as long as it is simply believed to be caused by the record and not actually caused by it. Then again I can't see this being a big issue in either case.

3. The hazy lines are a being or object's weakest points as a sort of 'focus-leyline' sort of thing. Humans that have this sight simply strike on the lines, and things fall apart. Interaction is as simple as just hitting it. That said, I'd be okay with the lines Termina sees as being VERY Hazy and not quite being able to make it out in a concise fashion. I'd rather them not being able to interact because of how clouded the lines truly are; perhaps a product of their own poor eyesight.

4. This can be more or less roleplayed like a barrier arcane tattoo. Approved.

5. Sure. Approved.
Understood. I don't think I have an issue with any of these clarifications, and I can be certain that I'll do my best to follow them. I never planned on them being able to interact whatsoever with those Focus-Leyline things, just a little tidbit for flavor.

Otherwise, thank you for the reply!
"To write is to live a dream."

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