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A Fox's Many Tails
Was a bit bored and saw some messages in the discord, so I took to work to making something fun here and grayscaled so they could be colored (Not doing any more than three tails, 32x32 is already a limit and a half for your spacing lol)

Here are some previews I made using the base icons to show case their appearance for ingame

Male            Female

[Image: Male-Multi-Tail-Red-Tail.gif]           [Image: Female-Multi-Tail-Red-Tail.gif]

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.rar   MultiTails.rar (Size: 1.88 KB / Downloads: 2)
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Sweet! That'd be awesome to have in game for sure
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Adding a bit of another addition here since I got done with it faster than I had initially thought, a greyscaled kimono to allow for easy coloring.

Gif View with a Base Model

Item Gif:
[Image: Kimono.gif]

*Edit - Replaced Attachment

Old one has a pixel error which is now fixed in the new attachment added here!

Attached Files
.rar   KimonoGreyscale2.rar (Size: 2.11 KB / Downloads: 0)
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Here we are once again, with another new spirte, definitely on a roll with these at the moment, but fun ideas must be made while present

Here is a new sprite involving the rifle for the back after someone had mentioned they'd like to see another one in the discord

[Image: Back-Gun-Male.gif]

Attached Files
.rar   Back_Rifle.rar (Size: 2.53 KB / Downloads: 0)
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