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Legend Authoring for Aptitude in Aspect.
There is one missing for Aptitude, it would be nice to have an option for just ONE point for it for consistency.
It cannot hurt us only help us. It also gives us another reason to use Legend Authoring.

Edit: Remember, it's just one point. It would also let you use that one point somewhere else. Which is almost always better, imo.
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  • Maromar158
Nah this would be far too powerful imho (for real though I don't see why this would be a good addition to the game. Again instead of stuff like this we should have other things to spend it on that isn't just +1 to a thing)
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  • Sawrock
I'd like this solely for symmetry's sake but, many races have 0 on APT, so it can end up worthless.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
I doubt this is powerful under any circumstances. Its probably just a +1 point elsewhere. Not even softcap increase. I haven't done the math if any of the Undeniable innovators actually get an additional point for it, but I doubt humans do, and I think if another does its alright. Like Snake says, it probably barely even matters for some.
3 base aptitude nerds get to have 4 base apt, which lets them get the extra stat point.
2 and below base aptitude nerds don't.

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