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Curse Application
Applicable BYOND Key - Magicalgirl Lux

Character Name - Victoria Weber

Request Type - RP Ability

Request Details - I would like to request a specific type of curse, applied to my character at very young age and one that has progressed as time passed. This curse in particular, dubbed 'Curse of the Bloodless' (TBD) will be centered around the usage of blood, both in benefit and consequence for the user, with a few key points:

- The user will often randomly, bleed from their skin after enough physical work around the body, almost swapping out what would be naturally be sweat, making them more dependable upon medical attention and blood transfusions.

- The user may absorb blood, including monster's blood, upon contact with the skin, and such absorption not only helps with keeping healthy levels of blood liquid within the body, but will also give a temporary boost in physical capabilities in a fight. This will also come with physical alterations, their appearence shifting to match. (Change in coloring of hair and eyes, skin turning slightly red.)

- They will be prone to aggressiveness upon absorbing too much blood.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - I thought it would be interesting to roleplay a curse that actively tries to kill the user and forcing them to be in constant battles or medical care, promoting RP if the latter. 
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Consider this approved~!
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