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A theno child under age 10
Applicable BYOND Key - Wolperfox
Character Name - Karthas Gar
Request Type - Age and Height
Request Details -  A theno child at age 10 and four feet 
Specific Request - A shark style theno child around 10 and four feet tall that was born to two npc theno.
Reason why you are making this request - child character under the age of fourteen and under four foot five
Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - Theno can be born as long as its between two theno and I want a tomboy theno child that likes to get into trouble.
More information was disclosed in private to clarify certain details, such details were merely a formality. Otherwise the application obeys the rules accordingly and has been deemed appropriate.

In other words, this is approved!

Go free child of a fish and a fish.

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