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[Black Knight] But I.. didn't sign up for this?
You have unlocked a new promoted class for Soldier - Black Knight!
???'s turn.
???: Kigal Replica (23 Power)
Hit: -15%
Dmg: 38
Crit: -3%
Medal Earned: Beginner Black Knight (Unlock the Black Knight promoted class for Soldier.)

Uhh.. I never used Soldier for this character, ever. And apparently by moving in an L shape, even without having Soldier at lv 20 or equipped, you can unlock Black Knight...
Quote:OOC Devourer Of Souls: I did literally nothing and have never played YGO in my life.
OOC Black Chaos X: OOC Devourer Of Souls: no one activated zera ritual
OOC Devourer Of Souls: That's fake.

Tengen Toppa [Image: 2zolp55.jpg] !!!

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