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Dark Bard Orange Justice
One of Dark Bard's passives should probably increase the maximum range of Dance skills by 1. (Ideally, should not stack with Dancer's own, and Dancer's should take priority for increasing it by 2 instead of 1.)
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But why?
Mainly for Destiny Bard, and since Performer already increases Song range, it's not something I'd attach to that class between that and Dark Bard.

I just wish to not feel forced to use Dancer to have just a slightly bit more combat mobility.
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Oh I see, for the mobility? I really don't think this is an issue. Bard classes aside from dancer are not supposed to have mobility. You're just gonna have to walk. Same with destiny curate
It's not the issue that I'm emphasizing here, just how short base dance distance tends to be in some cases, such as Fire Dance.

Or how it feels that most of the time I want to slide through someone's back, I'm always one tile short.
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