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More Bard Suggestions Because I Hate Myself
I understand that Performer is supposed to be the Bard Buff class... but as it stands.

I genuinely never have a desire to use Bard songs. They cost 20 FP. They give +2 to stats (so long as I'm singing), in 5 range. And also give (Rank*2) buffs elsewise. Hit/Evade, SWA/Crit, EleAttack/CritDmg, EleRes/Crit Evade.

These all sound good on paper. Until you realize that they last 3 rounds. And the only way for them to last longer is to play Performer. And then you always have to be within 5 tiles of your allies. At all times to give more of these buffs. Which post-engagement in fight? Generally won't happen. Ever.

The only comparable thing I can even compare Bard Buffs to is Curate's Mass > Invigorate. Which costs about as much FP, but lasts 8 turns. And you can move it to target outside of a diamond 5 (or 6) on yourself.

How to try and work on Bard songs?

Make them Diamond 6 in X range, allowing you to always target yourself in them. BUT also being able to direct it so you don't always have to be the center of attention.

Furthermore, proccing the Singing Status-- or even just playing another Bard Song, will refresh the duration of ALL currently active bard song effects you have on targets that get the new song by 1-2 rounds. Allowing for it to be possible to actually keep it up. This could be kept to base class Bard songs, or be changed to also increase Bard Songs from promo classes. So a Performer can raise all of the buffs and Warmonger's Drums and help refresh their base buffs. Or a Darkbard can Pyrotechnics, Crazy Riff, etc and refresh their bard songs.

3 turns for a buff like that is straight up something I so rarely use that I only have it used whenever I proc Dawr of Defense whenever I Unholy Diver. It's genuinely awful.

Second Set is awful. It's awful to use. It's awful to actually get up and running. It takes 15 turns baseline if you're double-dipping every turn, or 30 if you're only using 1 bard song a turn, and you end up doing 300 damage to your team to heal 450 with some very weak buffs. I suggest Second Set have a 50 HP base heal, with 3 hp restored for every Dark Hype. Putting a full 300 Hype at 950 HP restored (which, in actuality) is 650 hp. Is this a lot? Yeah. It is. Is it very rewarding for surviving a long ass fight and getting to max hype? Yeah. It's literally Hype. Priests can get 2 malmelo's in that timeframe and not have to hurt their teammates to get that. Curates can get 4-9 grafts off in that time too without hurting their allies. If this is too much of a buff? Make it 2 per 1 hype (max heal is 350 hp), and change one of the effects on Dark Hype (200? 250?) to also heal targets from 0 HP and get them back to the field without the Badly Beaten debuff.

Bard Songs should have 6 diamond in X range
Bard Songs should refresh the Base Class Bard Song status durations.
Second Set feels bad for everyone. Cherry Blossom does it's job 3 times better whilst also hurting your enemies. Please change Second Set.

Please. I'm begging you.

Edit: Not all of these changes should be implemented at once. And Second Set's Shitton of Changes definitely should not be viewed as something you put in all at once. Just turning it from a button that you press on C/D for 150~200 hp heal into something you actually want to build up.

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