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Shujin's random stuff
I have a couple of Icons still flying around since ages, that I never uploaded for one reason or another, but might as well collect them here as maybe some of them might be interesting enough.

Bloodbrone-esque items:
[Image: Bloodborne-stuff.png]
Bloodborne-esque clothing:
[Image: blood-Screenshot-3.png]
NOTE: I only put the first two in an icon state, the other 3 are previews but the sprites are included, I was just too lazy to icon form them, feel free to do so if anyone wants to.

LoR/Porject Moon inspried Sweepers, 5 Variations:
[Image: hjk-Screenshot-3.png]
Original intentions was to either have them as deeper Sewer Enemies for Meiaquar as cleaners, or as some sort of diving suits, or both. All sprites are done, but I haven't put them in Icon form yet, feel free to do so, or tell me to do so if you are interested in them, otherwise not really worth the effort.

Loan Sharks... But literally:
[Image: Loanshark-3.png]

Also all just previews, the sprite sheets are done, but not icon formed. Also wanted to make variations of them in Fang/sandshark color scheme but I got lazy. Will do it though on demand.

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