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Micah Klein - Curse & Height App
Applicable BYOND Key - CuteRedCrab4
Character Name - Micah Klein
Request Type - Height + Ailment
Request Details - I wish for Micah to be afflicted by a Shaitan-specific carapace curse.

The main idea behind it would be that it, in a way, would replace Micah's natural clotting. Whenever she experiences an injury, instead of regular blood clotting, she has carapace grow rapidly within the affected area. This, while having the ability to make her last longer in combat, is excruciatingly painful. With this in mind, the carapace has the capability of growing wherever there is injury, from the smallest of cuts to the biggest of gashes, causing it to be in places usually not seen upon a regular Shaitan.

Given the extensive overgrowth of the carapace, which has the very real danger of taking over large portions of her body, cause her movements to become sluggish. While this extensive carapace can keep her safe, it likewise threatens to render her immobile if it's not maintained.

She'd also be 7'10".

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - I just want this as a little special thing my character would have, with the added benefit of providing roleplay for people who wish to know more about said curse or attempt to cure it.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - I will be using the Turtle Shell armor as a mechanical representation of this disease. The extra momentum to get up makes her sluggish, while the defenses are from the extensive carapace. She will likewise have the Cursed Blood trait.
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Seems good to me, I have no issues with this, go ahead!
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