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Plant Duration
It's become increasingly apparent that most tile generating skills are set to an extremely low base duration (typically 2 rounds) due to the existence of tile duration talent buffs (+5 rounds for most if not all).

Plants do not have this so are subject to only lasting for two rounds from most skills that create them from an impact effect.

It'd likely be something added to Geomancy since it's the only elemental talent missing a tile duration extension. Could be called Horticulture. SR*1 round duration extension for plant tiles. Easy.
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Yes please
I've suggested in the past for Geomancy to get a 3 subrank talent that increases plant duration, as well as flooded water, which Flooded Water did eventually wind up getting.

I have to agree, increasing plant duration would be a very beneficial thing.
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I brought this up a bit in the Overgrown staff thread and whole-heartedly support it here too.
Plants should just be 5 rounds by default. Even if it gets amped, it's plants, man. What will they do? Eat you?
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In all honesty I don't see why plants would have a duration at all. Could just be permanent
Let the plants exist for more than .2 seconds!
(07-12-2024, 10:33 PM)Poruku Wrote: In all honesty I don't see why plants would have a duration at all. Could just be permanent
kudzu moment
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I agree that plants don't last long enough currently but I don't think indefinite duration would be a good idea, considering things like Bow of the Green Forest's potential, Doriad buffed flowers and Thick Vines.
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I just thought it would be neat but yeah... Yeah just a duration talent is more than enough

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