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Trex's Icons
It's about four months early, but here's your annual post from me.

Ever look at a Crypt and think 'Wow, the doors and walls are so similar! I hate it!" then spent two hours running around in circles trying to find the one wall that's actually a door?

Well four years later, I offer a solution.

A new wall and door tile for Crypts. I dunno how they're meant to be saved, so I just threw them in a DMI, the door has two icons and a conjoined icon that has both open and closed states. Then the wall icon.

[Image: 0d33dd27e7.jpg]
[Image: 6a8b2f6446.gif]

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.rar   tile.rar (Size: 2.07 KB / Downloads: 107)
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Surprise! I made another icon. This time it's a monster icon.

No guesses as to what it is.

This is meant to be something that can possibly replace the Red Chests with a hostile encounter instead. Or used in some other manner, IDK.

The file includes the DMI for the monster itself, and another DMI meant to be an animation for when it's triggered/opened on the map.

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.rar   Mimic2.rar (Size: 69.51 KB / Downloads: 138)
Been awhile, very simple addition here: the long awaited mirroring of the eyepatch.

This should hopefully be a base icon, as it's just the eyepatch we currently have but mirrored (as best I can) to be on the left eye instead of the right.

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.rar   eyepatchL.rar (Size: 716 bytes / Downloads: 4)
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[Image: mechatail.gif?ex=65cdb3ef&is=65bb3eef&hm...99ffb8605&]

(don't worry it has motion states)

A universal mechanical tail icon, for playbys that have tails but don't conform to races that have icons for them, or for actual mechanical tails even for races that DO have tails to choose from.

Fitted for the female base icon, should work fine on male. Probably.

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.rar   mechatail.rar (Size: 589 bytes / Downloads: 3)
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I was gonna make a new thread but felt like a single silly hat wasn't worth its own thread.

Here's a bucket you can wear on your head. Inspired by cog.

[Image: bucket.gif?ex=65e508f2&is=65d293f2&hm=a2...4c1e9d2c7&]

Base icon just for reference I deleted it in the actual attachment.

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