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Ahkar Anubite's History
This is pretty much my only character who's had a pretty detailed history and existed long enough to build one up, so I thought I'd share pretty much the full story in case anyone's curious... or more in case I forget something important one day. You're welcome to leave comments but please no hate comments, and no comments replying to other comments. Might add in all his pictures too since he's had alot of image changes. This is pretty rough and all from memory, so there might be wonky bits. It's meant to be pretty unbiased, just what happened from Ahkar's side of things, even if it's not the completed everything. Everything in here is obviously OOC knowledge unless you were there for it/heard it from someone specific. Read at your own risque. You'll probably learn more about him than you care/want to know. Treat it as entertainment/curiousity value if nothing else. It's also written in one-shot/unedited so it may sound quick or rushed. I am kinda writing this at two in the morning Tongue


Events before he actually was created in the game.

Ahkar was born to Hathor Anubite (see family tree). Not too much is known about this early time (AKA it wasn't discussed oocly much), but essentially what is known was that his father had never known about his sons birth. One night stand or something along those lines. Ahkar seemed to take on much of his mothers wild nature, ten fold. He was born the only non-lupine of the family, inheriting his fathers features but his mothers colorings. He was a wild child at a young age, and frequently skimped out on lessons and important occasions, hanging around those of rougher nature around Oniga. It continued long into his preteen years. One day, Ahkar was confronted by his Uncle and Cousin about his habits. During their aggrivated chat, a few of the other kids Ahkar generally hung (and stole) around had broken in, thinking it was just another rich house to nab a few goods from. A scuffle broke out, during which Ahkar accidently injured his two family members gravely and knocked over a candle. He escaped later than the other kids who'd broken in, barely making it out before the family mansion was set aflame. Ashamed and afraid, he left his home, his family, Oniga, and fled south for Laws End.

It was in Laws End he lived for many years, learning from an old man he met there and became close to the ways of a Magic Gunner, in secret. His lessons ended when the man was caught practicing magic in Oniga though, and was hauled off, leaving Ahkar to wonder why his Mentor never returned to Laws End and only find out many years later. He continued living in Laws End, losing his eye to a nasty patron of the local bar with a fondness for his spoon. If it hadn't been for two men who saved him that night, he might have lose both eyes. And oracle and a redtail, they both quickly became friends with Ahkar, throwing jokes between another and generally finding friendship. It was with them, Ahkar decided to go to Sigrogana.

Sigrogana Beginnings

Early years in Sigrogana. Ahkar: Age 18

With his two friends, Ahkar went to Sigrogana to see more of the world than the desert sands. No sooner had he set foot inside the town though, that he came face to face with his Aunt Omorose and cousin Nef. The latter of the two was overjoyed, welcoming him back into the family with a warm hug, but fresh guilt and uncertainty had risen in Ahkar. He hadn't relized till then how he'd missed them, but it was at that point he did. Still, what he'd done weighed heavily on his mind. Things felt.. peaceful for awhile though. Getting back into the family, he still scoffed at the idea of lessons and the like, but enjoyed remeeting old family and new. He was still same lazy cat, not wanting to be tied down and constantly getting into fights with those around him, let alone the idea of marriage his Aunt had in mind.

His first shot at love came quick and left quicker. It came across as a single special night, not to mention the shock of it being a guy! Adjusting to the fact that Ahkar was in fact falling in love with someone of the same gender, not to mention how awful the first meet-up of Hiro and his family went, things were quickly falling out of control. Then it ended so abruptly, a day later after an argument with the same man. To Ahkar, it seemed, Hiro had distanced himself, then left out of the blue. Unsure of where to go from there, things could only get better. Or worse. Better in the fact that, also during this time, Ahkar finally got to meet his father. A tense reunion at first, but soon bygons were bygons, and Ahkar was actually excited to have someone to really relate to, to see parts of himself in his other parent. Even if the other parent was a bad-mouthed priest.

Ahkar had at the same time taken up a mentorship as a Magic Gunner under a man named Kinsuke Makada, unknowing of the mans less-than-pure intentions. The training was abit rough for the usually lazy cat, but he liked his teacher well enough to do what he said. Not that he got much choice. At least he respected him more than his Uncle Horus, who seemed to enjoy calling him slouch for obvious habits, and giving him a decent smack if he didn't straight up. Literally. Training under Kinsuke, though, led Ahkar to one day meeting Sanctus. A man who, from the first five minutes.. Ahkar hated. The two bickered so badly that Kinsuke ended up walking off with the other woman who'd accompanied them, leaving Ahkar and Sanctus to move their bickering into an actual physical fight.Which Ahkar lost, quite badly. What he hadn't expected was for his sharp tongue and bitter words to end him up much closer to Sanctus than he'd expected, and for the other man to take a very specific interest in him. It was later that night he was taken, unconcious, to the lair the two of them called home, and where he'd been an asleep witness to plans. Kinsuke wanted to use Ahkar to get to his family, and while Sanctus agreed, he also wanted the boy for more personal gain. It was at that point Sanctus fed Ahkar his own blood, as they plotted to turn Ahkar in order to use him.

Ahkar was returned soonafter, unknowing. Except for the fact everywhere Ahkar went, he seemed to be constantly bumping into the infuriating silver haired vampire. Sanctus tried, at one point, to cozy up to the Anubites with little success, as Omorose held obvious suspicions based on assumed connections between Sanctus and the Oda, and organization that had caused much grief to them, and whose ex-leader was a source of revenge for the current members. Ahkar had no knowledge of this at all, but what he did know was that, despite how deeply the man pissed him off, there was a connection he couldn't shake. It nipped away at his hate and even guided him to defending Sanctus against his own family. Things were slowly falling apart, until he broke down into an argument with the head maid. He admitted the truth of his own actions against his Uncle and Cousin many years before, only to be advised on keeping it from his Aunt, who was gravely ill. Upset beyond reason, he flung words that he would soon regret, until he'd hurt the maid enough to be allowed to leave. Still heavily distraught, he wandered to Dormenho, thinking of simply taking a ship somewhere else. He ran into Sanctus there briefly, where he broke down admitting what had happened before falling into a restless sleep in the others arms.

Ahkar left at that point and went back to Laws End for a brief while, then returned. When he did, he kept mostly away from his immediate family. He ran into his father innevitably, but found some comfort there. He also ran into Sanctus, and found no hate in his own heart when he saw him, although he played off as dislike. It was in precious moments when he thought he was about to lose him that he realized he didn't want to. They had a rocky relationship filled with mistrust by those close to them, but bit by bit it grew. Just when things finally started to come together, though, Hiro had reappeared. He showed up at the arena, throwing a comment about how he'd only left because Sanctus had threatened him, due to Ahkar mentioning being with Hiro back then, when Sanctus had persued him. It was a bait Ahkar fell for too easily, and all it took was a single accusing look too quick to take back for everything to fall apart. Sanctus left, and Ahkar chased, but he couldn't track him down no matter how many days he searched. Depression and hate took hold. Sanctus wouldn't listen, wouldn't speak to him. Ahkar wanted nothing more than to give it up, and nearly did when Fusa caught him, spoke to him several times. The man even went so far as to coax Ahkar from the Shrine ledge one night, persuading him to keep trying.

Ahkar took his advice, and finally caught Sanctus. They spoke briefly, and with a spark of hope at the Onigan inn, until Horus appeared. Things went downhill as Horus walked in at the wrong time. Specifically when Ahkar was sharing a few drops of blood with his vampiric loved one. Horus, who hated vampires vehemetly, tried to murder Sanctus. Sanctus fled and Ahkar fought with his uncle, only to have Sanctus return to defend him. The fight escalated and magic was thrown, and so soon guards arrived. Sanctus was stabbed before Ahkars very eyes, who had no knowledge of how vampires could mist away and survive. To his knowledge, he'd just lost Sanctus. He spent some time in jail for his use of magic bullets in Oniga, attempt to harm his Uncle and fighting with the guards themselves when they became involved. His want and desperation to reach Sanctus before it was too late had resulted in a silent cell, plagued by the belief he was dead. Monte came, spoke to him several times, coaxing him into finally speaking about what had happened, but it was seeing Sanctus again at the Shrine that saved him from his own state of mind. Things were rocky, though, and Sanctus ended up leaving again after yet another spout between the two. It was like nothing had changed, and once more Ahkar was left trying to find where the man had gone.

While contemplating in Dormenho, a woman appeared, shoving him in the waters. He nearly downed had he not used a quick spell to create ice to cling to, which she responded with by drowning him in blood poured from above. He nearly died, barely clinging to life, and eventually she grew bored, leaving him with only an ominous note to give him the understanding she'd come after him again. Traumatized, he left for Cellsvich, a safer location. Or so he thought. Rudy was there, and quite comforting, but Hiro was not so much so. Struggling with what had just occured, Ahkar couldn't deal with the man who seemed rather hung up on the two being back together, to which Rudys answer was carrying Ahkar out the door...

And to which Hiro followed, right to the forest. Fed up, Ahkar threw insult after stubborn denial in his face until finally Hiro backed down, temporarily. Later, Ahkar finally found Sanctus (again), only to have Hiro approach as well. At his breaking point, Ahkar threatened to shoot Hiro if he didn't leave, to which Hiro invited him to. Without hesitation, he shot Hiro in the foot, resulting in earning his second stay in jail, but less of a fight. As long as he had a grip on Sanctus, Ahkar was alright. Sanctus lingered long enough to exchange few words, and returned a few times to visit. Ahkar was relieved, hoping this meant there was a possibility. Then he was released and the two finally sat down to talk properly. The talk ended very badly, as Ahkar vented frustration when he couldn't get through to Sanctus how deeply he regretted that brief instance of mistake. Sanctus shot back with the fact that the whole thing was one-sided, and deep down Ahkar was pained to realize he was right. Ahkar had opened up to Sanctus, but had never poked or dug to get Sanctus to speak to him, or given that invitation. He tried to cling on, but finally was forced to let go, this time permanently.

A Lapse

During the time Ahkar was inactive/gone

Ahkar left soonafter, heading first for Laws End. It was familiar to him, comforting almost, until the same prick who'd taken his eye came back for seconds. At the very least, this time, Ahkar returned the favor, adding the man to the list of lives he'd taken. Everything was numb with pain from his loss, but the place that was like home in a way no other place was - a bitter, masochistic way - helped him forget. After his injury, though, it was dangerous, so he sought out Lispool, and his fathers way. He found an answer and a lead in Mercala and his fathers beliefs. In mercy and new life, and in helping others. He learned to rely on his others senses, and eventually returned to Laws End again. He felt a little better with his new path, but not pure or comfortable in Lispool. Besides, it was god awful cold there compared to the heated weather he was used to. In Laws End, he took up a small job with the pub. Things happened there, good and bad, and even unmentionable things, but he learned to move on, and to find comfort in small things. He thought of going back to Sigrogana many times, but couldn't bring himself to do so, until his father walked in one day.

Returning to Sigrogana

Up till now

Finding his father again in that pub was like a sign, and it didn't take much coaxing to go back. His father invited him to stay with him, and Ahkar only took him up on that offer rarely. The admission that he followed the same path was a great connection between the two, and the pride in his fathers voice left Ahkar happier than he'd been in a very long time, if ever. He didn't see much of the Anubites, only heard brief sayings and rumors, nor did he care much. It wasn't that he hated or resented, but simply that things just didn't hold the same face as they did in his troubled youth. Perhaps it was age, or the experiences, or the fact he was with his father and closer than ever. Now, maybe, he had a chance to smile at life. Still, he holds no comfort to the waters of Dormenho, and there is no cease of nightmares that will rob him of decent sleep. No wonder he eats so much candy.

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