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Sadie Feran: Redacted Investigation Results (Conclusion)

Agent: Sadie Feran
Rank: Director of Paranormal Investigations
Place: Oniga, Gold
File Number: AED-9989.b


This is a follow-up report to file AED-9989. Director Sadie Feran and a small group of elite Chataran soldiers, including General Phobos, were deployed to Law's End. Several known criminals were arrested for questioning, and a secondary report from Sigrogana has helped the Department of Paranormal Investigations conclude that the culprit operates within the Onigan desert, and has visited Law's End before. However, the location of the culprit, as well as their identity, has yet to be attained with certainty.


At the time of my last report, the R███████ were dispatched and have been watching over Law's End for some time from a 'distance', as well as the desert surrounding Oniga and Law's End. The delay in reports was due to their on-going operation. During that time, 8 individuals were apprehended in the deserts, including bandits, human traffickers, and AWOL soldiers of the on-going C█████████ I███████. 7 of them are currently in our custody, having been returned to Chaturanga until arrangements can be made to distribute them to the proper authorities. 1, an elf, was executed by General Phobos during an attempted escape incident en-route to Oniga. Until we can verify the elf's non-involvement in this investigation, I have given permission to s███████ the spirit and store it until the case is closed. We will contact a r█████ when that time comes.

During the investigation of Law's End, many oddities have been registered and filed, in and around the city, such as the following:
  • Extremely potent Illusion magic was detected a mile south of Law's End. Unfortunately, strong winds made further investigation impossible, but no other magic sources were detected in the area.
  • Signs of light and earth magic were found several yards north of Law's End.
  • Many lingering spirits haunt the area surrounding Law's End; most page white, but many page black, as well, including strong grudges and animosity. Some were near members of the R██████ camps, and they have also reported strange lights and voices during the night.
  • Remnants of void energy has been found in an abandoned house in the center of Law's End, indicating that illegal, unsafe portals may be being used.

We questioned the following person(s) while in Law's End and received statements from each of them.
  • R███████; Blond. Male. Agency detective P███ says they turned up negative in wanted lists. Seems to be a scavenger. Has said that many undesirables take up root in Law's End.
  • M████; Brunette. Female. Supposedly fleeing from debt but no other criminal record. Has said she was sometimes accosted by human traffickers while exploring the desert.
  • Q███████; Black hair. Some kind of mad scientist, supposedly an orphan from Alstalsia. Says he has people bring in 'what appear to be stolen weapons' all the time.
  • B█████ V███████; Blond. Female. From Lispool. Not a resident of the town, was leaving it on unrelated matters.

On the way back from Law's End, I encountered Y████ of the royal family heading into the desert; we spoke briefly of the incident, but as she has been away from Gold on personal business, she had nothing pertaining to the case to share.


Here is what I believe.
  1. The culprit of the attack kidnapped travellers, purchasing them from human traffickers or doing it themself.
  2. The victims were brought to a secret location in the desert and experimented on; some were turned into the 'unique' attackers.
  3. The attackers were physically and mentally warped to do the bidding of the culprit; the goal was likely to stir up conflict between Oniga and Sigrogana.

This leads me to the following conclusions, based on the evidence obtained from investigation and the long-term operation.
  1. The culprit has a base of operations somewhere in the deserts of Gold; they would not be able to bring so many trafficked humans through the Great Six for very long.
  2. The culprit is not necessarily exclusively staying in the desert, as the void residue found might suggest coming and going unseen, if it is related to the culprit.
  3. The culprit is either involved with or is someone with strong reason to want to see Oniga and Sigrogana resume conflict, but is otherwise not involved with Oniga.
  4. A report surrendered to me from the Sigrogana law enforcement has very strong circumstantial relation to the idea of 'creating abominations' and involves a known, highly-wanted criminal operating in Gold, by the name of B██████.

I can conclusively say that there is no reason to suspect the authorities of Oniga and that this was not an Onigan plot. I will provide consultation to the Great Six powers on how to detect these kinds of attackers and ways to combat them effectively, as promised.



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