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[Board] Material Request
A piece of notepaper can be seen tacked on the Cellsvich notice board. It seems like it was just ripped straight from a notebook without much finesse.

The paper reads as follows--

I'm willing to buy any amount of the following materials for the prices as listed below. If you want to haggle, talk to me, odds are I'll be more willing to budge if you've got a lot.
*Paper -- 40 Mura per sheet.
[strike]*Octi Pods -- 50 Mura per...pod.
*Jammer Bones -- 50 Mura per bone.[/strike]


I'm not outside often, so odds are contacting me via laplace is your best bet (acompletelynormalper@l-net.grm). In the odd event I am outside, I'm a Zeran, red hair, and I'm pretty much always wearing a badge shaped like Chimera Enterprises' logo. And I'm a girl. Hopefully that narrows it down.

Just go stare at the first building you see in the eastern housing district of Cellsvich if you for some reason don't know what that is.

The less questions you ask about why I need these things and what I'm using them for the better.
From: lunettekatona@l-net.grm
To: acompletelynormalper@l-net.grm
Topic: Material Request


I believe I have more than enough of each item you currently require. If you wish to purchase them, name the venue and time best suitable for you and we shall negotiate a price.

Kind regards,

Lunette Katona

(OOC NOTE: IF you haven't already added me on Skype, it is xeccy22. You may use this to get in contact with me directly. Kind note that I will NOT be adding random people who have acquired my Skype name from this post, so don't bother trying.)
*Steals Raigen's hat.* "Woop! Now I am the cat in the hat!" *Looks down at her feet*"Or am I puss in boots?"-Lunette Katona

[Image: 4fe55e5a2d.png]
From: acompletelynormalper@l-net.grm
To: lunettekatona@l-net.grm
Topic: RE: Material Request

Great. I'll work out a good time so I don't end up standing around for more than a day again or something. I'll meet you in Pink's Pub whenever, then.
The note seems to have been adjusted. Two of the requests were quite literally cut off from the paper,

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