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Renard Black, A.K.A. Prince Chrysalus
This information is OOC: Unless you were told any of this IC or were there when it happened, your character cannot know this. FYI, I won't put anything that's in the in-game description in here.
Comments and feedback are allowed!

His past
Renard was born into the royal family of a far-away country, which is the reason for his choice of clothing. His parents had no affinity for the Arcane in any way, shape, or form, meaning it's a mystery why he DOES have so much affinity. He lost his parents at the age of 10 due to "pointless violence", meaning he detests "pointless violence" now; however, he has only ever shown this once. His parents passed away when they were visiting Sigrogana, and he never left it. Because he was raised in luxury, he can't handle things like rain, although with good reason.

He is very interested in the Arcane, and ever since his youth he's been researching it. This leads him to be very skilled in it.

The Mark
The lucky coin he carries sports a mark on both sides. One side has a scratch, so he can differentiate Heads and Tails. The mark has something to do with Redtails, because the coin was passed through the royal family. No-one knows any more about the mark, though.

He is a Geomancer mostly, even if his combat Tome isn't always a Geomancy Tome. His Focus is strong, and so is his knowledge of the Arcane, including Arcane languages. He also has a strange ability to understand what Shade, his cat, is saying, and can sense people's magic strength. Also, I said earlier that he can't handle rain with good reason. This is because even if many people use Tomes, not many people realize how they work; Renard DOES know how Tomes work. They contain a high concentration of Arcane power, so if destroyed, that power is released and bad stuff will happen.

His... Other side
If he becomes serious, and you're his opponent, you're in trouble. A lot. He shifts to a different personality, that shows sides of his normal calmness, crazy insane-ness, and even some evil, or sadistic sides. His magic also becomes much stronger, completely defying his origins related to that. This has only happened once, when his coin was away from him too long (That's not an invitation to have it happen again!)

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