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Lispool Tavern & Inn Reopening
A flier has been put out and about around the Continents!

[Image: 1dbd2ac1b2.jpg]

Located next to the Asago building in Lispool lies the Lispool Tavern & Inn. Alongside the usual services, the Tavern offers a few events that will be hold irregularly. For one, it serves now as a Fight Club-area. No longer will you have to sit at the arena to watch people brawl it out. Now you can do so within the 'safe' confines of the buidling! Watch them duke it out on stage, or watch other performances happen. Times may vary, await employees to be there for actual proper medical service. Betting on who will win in a fight is also allowed, giving a new way to earn some quick and easy Murai! Enjoy the fine cuisine, cooked by our fantastic Redtail cook as well!

Rooms are 10-15 murai, and food may be added at an additional cost.
OOC Note: Rooms are paid for by in-game days. For reference, an IRL day would be 80 - 120 murai a night.
OOC Note 2: We may not always be around! Sorry if the hours are janky.

At the bottom lists the laplace ID of the owner and a few employees
Galeon Zviera's turn.
Critical Hit! Galeon Zviera attacks Jammer with  Floating Red Letter  and hits them!
Jammer takes 8420 Pierce damage.

Tiny Fawn Girl recovered 8550 HP.
Isabelline recovered 8550 HP.

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